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Re: [DMCForum] The power of a DMC

>Anyway, in '99 we tried to buy a new Chevy Z71 and the salesman was a
>complete dick. He assumed we were kids, I believe based mostly on her
>apperance but could have been partly on mine as I also look somewhat
>young - and wouldn't let us test drive a new truck, instead choosing
>to point us to some older, used models. I asked about a new one and he
>said, "Those are very expensive." I said, "I didn't ask you how much
>they cost. I asked if I could test drive one." He refused. We went
>across the street and spend $8k more on a new Mitsubishi than the
>Chevy would have cost. Salesman at that dealership didn't bat an eye
>when I told him I was interested in a $35k truck. Afterwards, I
>thanked him for his professionalism.

I heard a story like that from the other side of the fence when my
friend Dave worked for BMW. They got a shitty letter from someone who
had tried to buy a new M5 and was told to go away because he was in a
t-shirt and jeans. Bought it from another BMW dealer in the next town.

I saw on TV once an independent exotic dealer say thet he never refuses
anyone because he has in the past sold cars to people who looked like
they could be sleeping in a cardboard box, then paid Â100,000 in cash
the same day for a car.

I have taken that attitude on board. I get a lot of requests on e-mail
for DeLoreans and have in the past entertained strings and strings of
mails with people I was fairly convinced were wasters, only to suddenly
receive a couple of grand in orders.

One of the youngest DeLorean owners in the UK bought his car from us. He
just walked in one day with his friend looking every inch the student.
He now drives it every day and loves it to bits, and has become a good
friend too. It's the second car he has ever owned (I won't embarrass him
by telling you the first but suffice to say it ain't big or fast!) and
fell on his feet with a good job, so wanted to buy his dream car.

DeLorean Motor Cars Ltd

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