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Re: [DMCForum] The power of a DMC

A couple of days ago I was driving down one of the busier 6 lane roads
in my area. Some kid in an older Acura wanted to race me - they always
do. I pulled away nice and slow from the stop sign, he took off like a
bat out of hell. Then he slowed down, and floored it right as I caught
up to him (doing the normal speed limit; I'm not racing anybody!). He
played with me for a few miles attempting to get a reaction before
getting bored.

Here's the funny part: His pretty young girlfriend sitting in the
passenger seat didn't take her eyes off my car the entire time. If I
hadn't needed to turn, I would have opened the door at the next light
and, when he mouthed off, remarked, "Ask your girl which car she'd
rather be riding in." By the look on her face while he was playing hot
shot, the answer was perfectly clear.

By the way:

> When he saw my DeLorean in the driveway his whole personality changed.
> He became more friendly and listened better to what I had to say and
> was more honest with me. Now maybe he takes me serious.

He only played nice because he figures you have money. Screw him.
After letting him see you were serious, I would have handed him the
keys to his "sale" and let him drive it back to the dealership.

Some quick stories: My wife looks very, very young. When she was 23 I
tried to take her to an R rated movie and the cashier asked me if I
had ID. I said, "You can't be serious." She said, "Well, you're 21,
right?" I said, "Of course, but you don't have to be 21 to get into an
R rated movie." She said, "Oh, of course not! But you have to be 21 to
buy tickets for a minor." I guess she thought I was some sicko twenty
something out with my little prepubescent girlfriend. My wife has, on
other occasions, been mistaken for the older daughter of her friends.

Anyway, in '99 we tried to buy a new Chevy Z71 and the salesman was a
complete dick. He assumed we were kids, I believe based mostly on her
apperance but could have been partly on mine as I also look somewhat
young - and wouldn't let us test drive a new truck, instead choosing
to point us to some older, used models. I asked about a new one and he
said, "Those are very expensive." I said, "I didn't ask you how much
they cost. I asked if I could test drive one." He refused. We went
across the street and spend $8k more on a new Mitsubishi than the
Chevy would have cost. Salesman at that dealership didn't bat an eye
when I told him I was interested in a $35k truck. Afterwards, I
thanked him for his professionalism.

Last story: I went into my credit union a couple of years ago to open
another account up. The woman behind the counter was rude and
generally treated me like shit - that is, until I gave her my existing
account number and she saw my balance. Then it's suddenly, "Oh, sir,
yes sir, sir, what else can I help you with sir?" I told her next time
her attitude changes in response to my balance I'm having a nice long
chat with her superiors.

My point: Fuck these people who treat you differently when they
realize you have money (most people have no idea what a DeLorean
costs; show them the car and they assume you're filthy rich). If they
don't treat someone nice because they assume he isn't well off, they
don't deserve my business. I'm not going to prove anything to anyone
nor am I going to be happy with fake, bullshit respect. I enjoy
walking around high end showrooms in regular old street clothes just
to see how these pretentious assholes will treat me. If they won't
give a normal looking guy respect, I'm not breaking out my
not-so-normal pocketbook. But I will make damn sure they know exactly
what I can afford before I walk out on their sorry ass.


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