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On 1/14/06, Josh Porter <joshp1986@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Awsome stories! You're the kind of customers that I used to root for
> at the dealership. The sales reps. and managers hated your kind but
> for us small desposable minions we loved your kind.


I got another one from a private seller: My Fiero's engine needed to
be replaced and I figured I'd buy me another car to get around while I
waited. This was in '97 or '98, I forget which, and we'd bought a new
('97) Grand Am. Not an expensive car by any means, but nice.

I responded to an ad for a mid eighties 300ZX. Not the cool 90s
version, unfortunately, but still a sweet little car. My buddy drove
me in his incredibly beat up POS Civic (oxidized paint, duct tape
holding taillights on, etc; a real junker). The guy selling the Z
lived in a fairly exclusive community. We got there and I talked him
down significantly from his asking price. It was a hard sell but he
agreed; he was selling the car for his son and acted as if he felt bad
for me and just wanted to let me afford a decent car (I could have
paid his asking price, I was just haggling).

So I started writing a check and he stopped me - "Oh, no, no... That
won't do. It's just going to create a problem for both of us, when it
bounces I'll have to come after you and I don't want to do that."
Uhmm, OK. I could have bought half a dozen of them, but, whatever. I
understand. So I came back with cash the next day.

This time my wife drove me in our Grand Am. The guy got really pissed.
He bellowed, "That's a MUCH NICER CAR than you came in LAST TIME!" I
said yes, that's my car, my buddy drove me in his car last time. The
guy was mad, and tried to subtly accuse me of "playing games" on
purpose to trick him. Whatever; it was complete coincidence how things
turned out, I didn't plan to be driven in a crappy car to screw with
anyone, hell, it didn't even cross my mind that someone would notice
such a thing.

He did go through with the deal, though. :)

> After the salesman saw my car he tried to raise the price but I

Tell me you didn't buy it from him.

If I REALLY wanted the car, I would said, "You know, I'll have to
think about this one and come back. What's your schedule like next
week?" Then I'd come back when he wasn't working and buy it from
someone else.


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