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Re: [DMCForum] Re: FW: Hummer H2 vs. Tahoe

--- Ryan Wright <ryanpwright@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Ridiculous. It seems your equating "safe" with
> "weight and size",
> which isn't exactly scientific, but: My folks' big
> heavy full size van
> is worth maybe a thousand bucks. I see old
> Suburbans, Broncos, big
> pickups, etc, going for $500 - $5000 all the time.
> If anyone is
> concerned about safety and thinks a big heavy rig is
> the answer, it is
> within their reach in some form or another.

Well, I am going with the assumption that "bigger is
safer" although no one has presented any data to
confirm or deny this (I may look for some later if
time permits).

I too see 15 yr old SUV's for under 5K.  Do you think
they are as reliable as a 5 yr old Kia?  Or Hyundai?
And what about tires?  or service in general?  or
GASOLINE?  The cost of owning a large vehicle exceeds
that of a regular one even if the starting price is
the same.

> I drive my DeLorean 99% of the time, which is a very
> low vehicle. In
> fact, yesterday I drove past a new Beetle and my
> passenger said, "Holy
> crap. This car is even lower than that Beetle!"

The DeLorean is lower than normal, however even in the
DMC I don't find regular cars to be a significant
problem when trying to make a turn, or pass, or pull
out of a parking spot.  They simply don't block as
much vision as the trucks do.

> So you'd think I would have the same problem, but I
> don't. For one,
> there aren't THAT many SUVs on the road. Most people
> are still driving
> cars. If I had to guess I'd say the ratio was maybe
> 10-20% SUV, at
> least where I live. For two, when I am surrounded by
> SUVs, it still
> doesn't change how I drive. Parking lots can be
> irritating, I'll grant
> you, but what are you going to do about it? Just
> back up nice and slow
> so other cars have a chance to see you.

I can't argue with that.  Here in NJ we are probably
exceeding 40% SUV/Mini-Van's on the road.  Back up
nice and slow?  Not in NJ.  There is minimal courtesy
on the roads of NJ, even from drivers of regular cars.

> I guess it just doesn't bother me.
> >> So, someone who is lucky enough to own a used Kia
> >> should trash it for a truck?
> Well, if being down there so low amongst all of the
> larger vehicles
> bothers them that much, then yes.

"bother" is not the point.  The claim is, they don't
deserve to be safe on the road because they don't have
money.  Worse yet, your tuck is what is increasing
their risk.

> >> wait, your telling me to make changes to
> accommodate
> >> the big trucks!
> No, he's telling you to make changes to accommodate
> yourself. You
> don't like the fact that you can't see around the
> trucks, so you
> should buy yourself a bigger vehicle if it bothers
> you so much. This
> isn't making accommodations for anyone else, it's
> simply you
> responding to your environment based on what makes
> you comfortable.

We are not talking about some natural phenomenon I am
trying to overcome.  Your saying I should buy a BIGGER
vehicle to overcome a situation created by the
selfishness of others?  Well, that would only make me
selfish too!  And now that I have something bigger,
THEY will go bigger (assuming they may have bought
their truck for the same reason).  So, how long does
the cycle continue?  Will there always be something

This is where Ego seems plays a role, if you need to
have the biggest truck on the road. Even if it is
under the guise of safety.

> >> and again, while I may have the means to buy
> myself a
> >> larger vehicle what about those that can't?
> The price of gas notwithstanding, anyone who can
> afford a car can
> afford an SUV, van, pickup, etc. If someone doesn't
> have $30k for a
> new one, maybe they have $3k for a used one.

Again there are other factors to maintain a vehicles.
If you are in the market for a $3K set of wheels, you
will get better value from a used car than a truck.
The truck will be older, and in worse shape.

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