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Re: [DMCForum] Re: FW: Hummer H2 vs. Tahoe

>> So, I am saying some people do not have the option of
>> buying a H2 based on their finances.  So, because the
>> do not that choice they cannot afford to be safe.

Ridiculous. It seems your equating "safe" with "weight and size",
which isn't exactly scientific, but: My folks' big heavy full size van
is worth maybe a thousand bucks. I see old Suburbans, Broncos, big
pickups, etc, going for $500 - $5000 all the time. If anyone is
concerned about safety and thinks a big heavy rig is the answer, it is
within their reach in some form or another.

>> You may not notice it because you are already driving
>> a large vehicle yourself, but for someone who drives a
>> regular car 99% of the time it can become frustrating.

I drive my DeLorean 99% of the time, which is a very low vehicle. In
fact, yesterday I drove past a new Beetle and my passenger said, "Holy
crap. This car is even lower than that Beetle!"

So you'd think I would have the same problem, but I don't. For one,
there aren't THAT many SUVs on the road. Most people are still driving
cars. If I had to guess I'd say the ratio was maybe 10-20% SUV, at
least where I live. For two, when I am surrounded by SUVs, it still
doesn't change how I drive. Parking lots can be irritating, I'll grant
you, but what are you going to do about it? Just back up nice and slow
so other cars have a chance to see you.

I guess it just doesn't bother me.

>> So, someone who is lucky enough to own a used Kia
>> should trash it for a truck?

Well, if being down there so low amongst all of the larger vehicles
bothers them that much, then yes.

>> wait, your telling me to make changes to accommodate
>> the big trucks!

No, he's telling you to make changes to accommodate yourself. You
don't like the fact that you can't see around the trucks, so you
should buy yourself a bigger vehicle if it bothers you so much. This
isn't making accommodations for anyone else, it's simply you
responding to your environment based on what makes you comfortable.

>> and again, while I may have the means to buy myself a
>> larger vehicle what about those that can't?

The price of gas notwithstanding, anyone who can afford a car can
afford an SUV, van, pickup, etc. If someone doesn't have $30k for a
new one, maybe they have $3k for a used one.

>> Titans ride nice and have lots of cute little neat things in them. My
>> favorite is the ASS warmer, i like mine set on HIGH.

I'm indifferent to seat heaters. I've got 'em in my Montero, and
they're nice for taking the chill off the leather on a cold morning,
but after that I turn them right back off. Sitting in an overly warm
seat makes me feel like I've peed my pants, and that's no fun.

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