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Re: [DMCForum] Hummer.

Having spoken to a number of owners of "flashy cars",
I'd say there is usually some shred of the "look at
me" factor..  Thinking about some specific
conversations with people that own vehicles like
Lambo's, Hummers, and the like buy them BECAUSE the
are expensive.

If you can't admit that PART of the reason for owning
a DeLorean is the uniqueness and "look at me" factor,
then your lying to yourself.  You know you love then
people crowd around and ask questions and tell you
what a cool car you have.

I went to fix a computer for someone a few nights ago.
He has a H2 and a Lambo... (so it is fresh in my
mind)  When I saw him a few months back, I was teasing
him that the 150K Lambo was leaking oil, and his H2
was not a "real hummer".  So, this time he made sure
to tell me his Lambo was in the shop getting a 20K
engine seal job, he decided to replace every
seal/gasket in there!  And, he also had to mention he
wanted to buy a GT40 and a H1 "Alpha" to replace his
fake Hummer...  Funny name, Alpha, fits the ego.

I have not a bad thing to say about this man.  I don't
know him all that well, but he is always courteous and
friendly.  But lets face it, he had money and he wants
everyone to know it.  He is by no means a "car guy".

--- Ryan Wright <ryanpwright@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hang around with wealthy people long enough and
> you'll find this to be
> true on most purchases. Items are bought because the
> owner likes them.
> I find it hilarious that those who can't afford such
> objects almost
> universally hold a dim view of those who can. They
> try to make the
> owner look vain: "He only bought it to show off."
> The underlying
> statement is: "He's just another rich loser
> compensating for a small
> penis. He bought the vehicle because he so
> desperately wants everyone
> to think he's cool."
> In reality, the owner doesn't give a shit what
> anyone else thinks. He
> bought it for himself because he wanted it and he
> can afford it. Same
> reason most of us bought our DeLoreans. Does he show
> it off? Sure. He
> earned it, he's proud of it, he has the right to
> show it off. But
> that's not why he bought it.

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