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Re: [DMCForum] Hummer.

> --- Jack Stiefel <jackstiefel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> A wannabe what?  Have you ever ridden or sat in a
> H1?  I did and would not want to ride in one daily.
> That's why they created the H2.  Now the H3 is a
> wannabe if I ever saw one.

I'm with Jack on this one. The H1 rocks. No question about it. I've
half a mind to buy one just because, and maybe I will some day. Would
be a lot of fun to haul 4 wheelers/snowmobiles up to the woods for a
weekend retreat.

But no way would I want to drive one every day. For that, I'd get an
H2. Classy, stylish and comfortable, with a lot of the kick ass off
road capabilities of the H1.

The H3? A cheap knockoff for wanna-bes who can't afford an H2 and only
dream of an H1. On the other hand... if you just want a neat looking
SUV and don't care about off road performance or exclusivity, an H3
might fit the bill just fine.

> Yukon".  Most of them were like "Hey, I wanna be cool
> like the Terminator and drive a hummer", or drive it
> like an expensive status symbol (which is the prime
> motivator for most purchases like that).

I completely disagree.

DeLorean owners belong to an exclusive club, so I'm really surprised
to see that statement here. Odds are most people think you bought your
DeLorean for the same reason - an expensive status symbol. "Look at
me, I'm so cool." (I realize the car isn't expensive, but the public
doesn't tend to know that)

Of course, that's not why most of us own the car. Why did you buy
yours? I bought mine because it's unique, stylish, and otherwise fun
to own. I didn't buy it so others would think I'm special. What the
hell do I care what others think?

Hang around with wealthy people long enough and you'll find this to be
true on most purchases. Items are bought because the owner likes them.
I find it hilarious that those who can't afford such objects almost
universally hold a dim view of those who can. They try to make the
owner look vain: "He only bought it to show off." The underlying
statement is: "He's just another rich loser compensating for a small
penis. He bought the vehicle because he so desperately wants everyone
to think he's cool."

In reality, the owner doesn't give a shit what anyone else thinks. He
bought it for himself because he wanted it and he can afford it. Same
reason most of us bought our DeLoreans. Does he show it off? Sure. He
earned it, he's proud of it, he has the right to show it off. But
that's not why he bought it.

This came full circle one day when someone mentioned to me, "Every
time there are visitors here, a crowd gathers around your car in the
parking lot. Of course, that's why you always park it up front - for
everyone to see." I thought, "What an idiot." I park up front for the
same reason everyone else does - easier access to the building. The
idea that groups of people would swarm around it hadn't even occurred
to me. I sure as hell wasn't parking there in some lame attempt to
show off.

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