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RE: [DMCForum] Garage/shop heating

Keep in mind heat rises so your ceiling-mounted heaters would be less
efficient.  Are your garage doors insulated?

When a friend and his wife built their new house he used one of those
kerosene heaters like you mentioned.  While it doesn't get as cold here as
it does where you live, given a short amount of time it warmed his entire

He would put it in the basement and it would be very warm there, the middle
floor was nice and the upper floor was tolerable.  If he put it in the
middle level it was very warm there and tolerable on the upper.  I think it
would do your garage well, and may be more than you need.

This is the one I am referring to for $119.00 at Home Depot.  If the link
doesn't work go to and search for "space heater".  It was
on the first page.


PS - I don't know how to find :P

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What do you use to heat your garage / shop?

I've got a basic 2 car garage and am looking for a good heater. My
current heater is a 75,000 btu kerosene forced air unit ("tube" type
construction heater). I love the heat, but the noise is annoying and
the combustion smell unbearable. From what I can tell, it looks like
my options are:

- Radiant kerosene heater -- the fat, round, portable things. From
what I understand there is no combustion smell nor any noise, and
they're cheap. Not a bad option, but I'm leaning toward a more
permanent system.

- Electric ceiling mounted heater. I don't mind putting in a dedicated
30A+ outlet. I am concerned about the btus (most put out 20,000 or
less) and energy costs. Any thoughts?

- Natural gas ceiling mounted. A decent option if I can find a good
ventless system. I don't want to run a vent and I'd like to take the
unit with me when I move; problematic if I've hacked the house up for
a venting system.

- Propane. Not an option, I hate getting propane tanks filled.

Any advice would be most appreciated.

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