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Re: [DMCForum] Garage/shop heating

On 11/27/05, mike clemens <rmclemns@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Ryan,
> I thought you lived in Las Vegas!!  Does it get that
> cold in your part of the country??  Just kidding!!

Nope, no Vegas here. In fact I've never been there (always wanted to
go, though). I'm in the Tri-Cities, southeast Washington State. This
area is a desert, so we run 90-110 degree summers with very nice
spring & fall temps, but winters do dip into the 20s and 30s,
sometimes lower. It's 34 degrees out now.

> :-)  You may hate propane, but have you ever played

I used to own a propane shop heater. It was nice, until it quit
working. Refilling the 5lb propane cylinders twice a month sucked,
which is why I bought a kerosene heater the second time around.


I don't hate propane, I just hate refilling them. I don't like the
"trade in" programs. They're more expensive, for one, but mostly I'm
not comfortable with the idea of having cylinders of pressurized,
flammable gas around my house when they've been used by others and I
don't know their history. Too many people don't take care of things
and rusty, dented cylinders with questionable valve seals scare the
crap out of me.

So I buy my own bottles and refill them, which means driving across
town to a gas station that actually refills them (most don't), hoping
they have more than one employee on staff at the moment (otherwise
they won't do it), then damn near bribing the guy to get it done.
They're always bitchy about it. Doesn't matter which gas station I go
to, I've been to dozens, they're all bitchy about refilling propane.
Especially during the winter.

I put up with it for my grill; I have two 5lb cylinders and refill
them both at the same time, and only have to do it twice a year. Even
at that, I've considered a natural gas conversion just to save the
hassle. Refilling twice a month for a heater is just too much for me
to deal with. ;-)


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