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Re: [DMCForum] Engine swaps / upgrades

Thanks for the reply, Marc.

Warning, this is going to be long...

> With all due respect Ryan, if you are looking for a
> mechanic to work on your K-Jet PRV, you may want
> forget the idea of a conversion.

It's more a matter of being frustrated with the thing and not wanting
to learn due to the current situation being more complicated than it
should be. I believe there are several issues at play here because the
previous owner didn't keep up on maintenance very well. He fixed
things when they broke, and performed normal maintenance, but when
noises and other minor issues showed up they were ignored. I haven't
helped things by continuing to drive it the past year and a half
despite a few minor annoyances (such as the "glugging" on

I have, however, fixed virtually all of the car's problems. I have a
list of new parts as long as a legal contract. But now I'm down to the
engine and I don't have the expertise to diagnose what is probably the
degredation or outright failure of several different parts, working in
tandem to make annoying engine noises. If things were new, I would
have fixed annoying noises as they occured and wouldn't be in this

K-Jet is unfamiliar territory to me. Hell, I still learn about parts
on my car I never knew existed by reading various list discussions.
And I don't know how much I want to learn about it when I'm thinking
of replacing it. I can't stand the lack of power. Realize, I sold my
supercharged 3.8l Fiero when I bought the D, so while it's a huge step
up in class, I'm way down on the power scale.

> It can be assumed that if you can't (or choose not to)
> work on the stock system yourself, the same would
> apply to any modifications.

Not at all. I can and do work on the car, constantly. It's just that,
I could see myself spending a couple thousand dollars refurbishing the
K-Jet & other engine components, and just cleaning everything up back
there. While I'm at it I'd want to replace the exhaust (damn previous
owner!), so there's another $1,500.

Here's how I see it: Why spend the time and money on a proper
diagnosis to replace a couple of bad parts when I can (and should, due
to the age of the components) just rip the K-Jet apart and
replace/refurb everything. I've already done that to the rest of the
car. Now it's time for the engine.

But then, if I'm getting that deep into it, a complete swap becomes
very attractive financially.

I could perform a swap myself. I'm a fine backyard mechanic. I've
pulled my tranny twice in the last year. I've replaced engines in
vehicles before. My biggest problems in swapping on a D is - I'd want
to find someone who has done it, to learn from their experience. If I
can get a good shopping list of parts that will work together in the
car and I know what to expect, I can put them together and make it

I'm just not competant enough to select the parts myself and figure
out what will fit, what will work together, etc. I don't know enough
to do a custom, one-off job that nobody has tried before. But I could
certainly pull off a repeat of an established procedure, if one

> If your goal here is to simply things, I'd suggest
> dumping the K-Jet and convert your PRV to EFI.

That's not a bad idea, really. Where can I find more info on such a procedure?

> The discussions in the past on the one example of the
> 3-rotor conversion, I'd stay away..  It sounds like
> there was a lot of permanent cutting to the frame for
> both the engine and the 6 speed trans.

Ugh. I don't like the thought of that.

> I did see the Northstar in Memphis.  Got a few good
> shots of it (if you want them, let me know).  It

I'd love them!

> looked like a nice install but VERY TIGHT.  IMHO,
> going to a V8 is unnecessary and adds additional
> complications to the conversion process.

I bet there's more room than my 3800SC Fiero had. The DeLorean's
engine compartment appears to be significantly larger than the

Here's the real deal: I'm not sure I want to go half way in a swap. My
Fiero had ~230-250hp. It was fast, but it wouldn't knock your socks
off. If I'm doing this, I might as well go all out. I'd much rather
invest the extra time and effort for 400hp.

> It is still unconfirmed (as far as I know) if a
> 6-speed Porsche will fit in an un-modified DMC frame.

If not, that's out for me. I don't want to hack my frame up.

> If you are going with a modern engine, getting it to
> RUN will be a hurdle.  It is one of the reasons I

This is why I'd really need to "copy" an existing swap. I'd be fine if
someone could tell me what works.

> When you say "dream", you throw out anything
> practical.. no?  :)

Of course. :)

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