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Re: [DMCForum] Engine swaps / upgrades

With all due respect Ryan, if you are looking for a
mechanic to work on your K-Jet PRV, you may want
forget the idea of a conversion. 

It can be assumed that if you can't (or choose not to)
work on the stock system yourself, the same would
apply to any modifications.

If your going to pay someone else to do the
conversion, you will want to make sure they properly
document the process and do it in such a way that
another mechanic can work on it.

Don at DMC-GG has done conversions to order.  If your
going to pay someone to do it, he would be my first

It may be cheaper to ship your DMC to a "proper
vendor" and have it repaired as-is!  :)

If your goal here is to simply things, I'd suggest
dumping the K-Jet and convert your PRV to EFI.

BUT, if your goal is to have something unique and more
fun to dive (speed), see below;

--- Ryan Wright <ryanpwright@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> What's been done? What's possible? I've seen the
> 3-rotor. I've heard

The discussions in the past on the one example of the
3-rotor conversion, I'd stay away..  It sounds like
there was a lot of permanent cutting to the frame for
both the engine and the 6 speed trans. 

Also remember the 3-rotor engine is JDM.  It is not
like you can go to a local junkyard to pick one up.

I admit, the stories of how fast this car is do make
it tempting.

> rumors of Northstars, but haven't seen pictures or
> details.

I did see the Northstar in Memphis.  Got a few good
shots of it (if you want them, let me know).  It
looked like a nice install but VERY TIGHT.  IMHO,
going to a V8 is unnecessary and adds additional
complications to the conversion process.

> What is all involved in a swap? New transmission -

You could make a custom bell housing, or conversion
plate for the stock DMC trans.  Don at DMC-GG was
selling a setup to bolt GM/Buick engines up to it.

> looks like a
> Porsche 6 speed is the way to go. New engine, of

It is still unconfirmed (as far as I know) if a
6-speed Porsche will fit in an un-modified DMC frame.

> course. Custom
> bellhousing to mate the tranny & the engine. Some

Of course, you will need an adepter plate for any
combination of engine/trans.

> way to mount the
> stuff. What else?

If you are going with a modern engine, getting it to
RUN will be a hurdle.  It is one of the reasons I
scrapped my Prowler/LHS engine conversion.  The
Chrysler ECU was too well "protected" to modify it
such that the engine will run properly without the
rest of the car attached to it (Trans, and body
control systems).  No aftermarket "plug and play"
systems either.  A full engine management system that
I could POSSIBLY modify to work was $2000 and up!

This situation is becoming more typical in newer
engines, where the computer engine integrates so well
in to the car, the engine wont run out of the car!

The easy fix for this is to go for a older engine with
either no electronic controls or less complex
controls.  Duke's Chevy conversion (From a Blazer I
think?) is a good example of this.   The draw back is
the older engines are heavier (not all aluminum), and
less fuel efficient.


> What would be your "dream conversion", and how would
> you do it?

When you say "dream", you throw out anything
practical.. no?  :)

My current goal is to install a VQ35 engine out of a
2003 Maxima.  It is also used in the 350Z.  I selected
this engine because;

1. The engine is all aluminum (light)
2. stock 260HP
3. Lots of after-market parts for it.  Lots of
knowledge I can leech from "tuners".  Maxima is a
popular car for this (Hell of a lot more popular than
the Chrysler LH platform!).
3. It (so far) seems to fit in the frame of the car
with no need to cut any DMC parts.
4. Kennedy already has an adepter to mate it to a
Porsche trans (I went with the 5-speed).
5. Installed (in the 350Z) lateral, which *MAY* same
some headaches to fitting it in the DMC.

One of the first problems I solved by "leeching"
information from the Maxima tuners was how to make it
run.  The 2003 VQ35 is one of those engines with a
super-complex computer.  Heck, the throttle is even
electrical (NO CABLE!).  It turns out, lots of Maxima
owners swap the new VQ35 engines in to the older
Maximas (replacing the VQ30) and have come up with
mods to make them run on the older (95 vintage) ECU's
which are way LESS complex.  You do loose the variable
cam timing feature, but if that is the worst of it I
can deal.  So, I convert my VQ35 to run on the older
ECU, and pop that in the there.  It will be DOUBLE the
HP of a stock DeLorean, and probably get better fuel

I spent the better part of my free time the last 3
months helping a friend build a 40 x 80 building in
his yard so I lost a lot of time to work on the
conversion.  Good news is, I now have use of his
building (and HIM, with his mechanical engineering
abilities, and tools) to complete this project.  I
hope to get it all re-started sometime next month.

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