Re: [DMCForum] Re: All people of faith are dumb, and so am I apparently.
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Re: [DMCForum] Re: All people of faith are dumb, and so am I apparently.

On 9/19/05, timnagin <timnagin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Well, as I said originally... just because one sees people disappear does
> not mean they went with the rapture.  Only the people who actually
> disappeared would know what really happened.

You don't think the scriptures foretelling of this exact event would
have any relevance or weight in your theories of what happened?

> If this was not due to the rapture, but appeared to be so, then it could be
> because of anything you listed below or something else entirely that never
> even entered our minds.

But what would be the most logical?

> I wonder how many people, who are willing to accept the rapture, would pause
> just before and analyze the situation.  Would they be so happy this was
> happening that they would over look some small details?  Would they question
> something that may not seem right?  Would they question at all?

Are you suggesting one could, given the right technology, fake a
rapture? Gather up all the Christians, bring us to the sky with some
holographic angels, then -wham-! Drop the curtain and leave us all
slaves in an alien mining colony?

But then, if you can just pluck people from the Earth like that, why
go through all the trouble setting up the smoke and mirrors? Just take
the people you want and go. And why pick Christians specifically? Do
the aliens behind the curtain know something we don't?

I'm going for the most logical explanation, myself. And it's not
because I'm a Christian who already believes in this stuff. I don't
believe in Islam, but you know, if God himself came down from heaven
with 72 virgins in tow and promised them to me I'd declare jihad and
blow my ass up promptly. Hell, even Videobob would agree with me on
this. (I can say this because it's never going to happen, so no
worries, ok?)

-Ryan, half wondering if some suit at the FBI will take this shit
seriously and dispatch the men in black to haul me away. If I
disappear tomorrow, you know what happened.

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