Re: [DMCForum] Re: All people of faith are dumb, and so am I apparently.
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Re: [DMCForum] Re: All people of faith are dumb, and so am I apparently.

> I understand what your point is but your analogy is weak.  Any sufficiently
> advanced technology is indiscernible from magic, or in this case, what may
> appear to be religious in nature.
> Just because all Christians suddenly disappeared does not mean they went
> somewhere due to the rapture.  We can not yet alter matter to form other
> matter but that doesn't mean it can't be done.  Seeing is not always
> believing, just ask any magician.
> I have had this very same discussion with a few religious people I know.

So, you would have some other theory that is more plausable?

I don't see how it could be anything other than proof. Billions of
Christians disappear from the planet as foretold in a centuries old
book. What else could it be? Could you honestly come up with a theory
to explain this?

Are agnostics so opposed to the idea of God that they would completely
dismiss a rapture as being proof of God's existance? They'd rather
believe some equally wild theory about aliens or secret ray guns or
whatnot taking everyone away? I mean, you've got:

1. Aliens eat the Christians.
2. Another dimension eats the Christians.
3. Some crazy time travel hypothesis.
4. Any other random, wild theory, or:
5. Billions of people who hold roughly the same ideas on life and
death were right and there's something to this old book.

Now, I'm a logical person myself. And there was a time when I didn't
believe in God at all. I thought the Christians were silly. Yet I
still would have made the same call. Logically, #5 is by far - by FAR
- the most valid choice. To the point, I think, of being proof.


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