Squishy Brakes.
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Squishy Brakes.

Last August, I replaced my Brake Master Cylinder, and also flushed the entire 
hydraulic system with Castrol GTLMA (as stated in a previous post). And everything 
has been fine since then.

Until last week...

I was going about 90mph or so, and had to slow down rather quickly to almost a 
stop. I didn't "slam" the pedal at all, but did press a bit firmer than normal to slow 
quicker than normal, in a shorter distance. Car slowed down fine, and performed 
great. However, when I got out, I could smell that the brakes had overheated a bit, 
from the stench of burning asbestos. Ever since then though, my brakes have been 
"squishy". The pedal doesn't catch until it's about 2/3's of the way down. But if I 
double-pump the pedal rapidly, it will catch about a quarter of the way down. A quick 
inspection shows no leaks in the system, and the fluid level in the reservoir is fine, 
being only slightly down from when I last topped it off in August, as I would expect 
(although the cap itself appeared to be wet on top).

I'm at a loss here as to what may have happened, except that perhaps I've boiled the 
fluid, and made it compressable, or something has happened to the Brake M/C, 
although it is less than 5 months fresh in the car. And I wouldn't think this to be an 
issue with the brake booster, because it's not as though the pedal has become 
harder. And while Castrol says that GTLMA is supposed to have a higher boiling point 
than "regular brake fluids", they don't say what it is on their web site. Plus I doubt 
that the fuild is that "wet", since it's exposure was kept to a minimal durring 18% 
humidity in the air. But even with 20 year old DOT 4 in the system, the brakes were 
NEVER this bad, and especially so sudddenly.


vin 6585 "X"

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