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[DMCForum] Re: Inappropriate Car Show Behavior?

--- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "Videobob Moseley" <videobob@...> 
> I think there is a difference when you compare positive vs. 
negative. My photo of Monte's car on my website was listed with 
praise and positive 
> comments.

WRONG!!!!!!!!!SO WHAT!!!!!!!  The guy asked you to take them off.   
Are you that thick that you don't get that?????  You refused!!!! Get 
it straight  Bob...you started this.  Plain and simple.   What the 
hell don't you understand.  HE DOESN'T LIKE YOU....YOU STOLE THE 
PICTURES FROM GARYS SITE.....How about admitting that????

> Monte's stickers about me were vulgar, profane and slanderous.
> My website said nothing untrue or negative about Monte, only 

SO WHAT!!!! Again he asked you to removed them....you refused...YOUR 
FAULT!!!  Since when are you the "churchlady"?  I think that some of 
your e-mails to Gary loaded with profanity are far worse.

> Monte stated on his stickers that "Videobob sucks dick", "Videobob 
is a thief" and "Do not buy from Videoboob".
> These are libelous because the intent is malice, to cause me to 
loose business and to harm my public reputation using false 

BTW it's "LOSE:....not "LOOSE"   You do enough on your own to harm 
your public reputation.  The intent was in protest against you for 
your refusal to remove his images.  

> Dude, the issue is NOT ABOUT ME, and it is not about what I have 
done or have not done!

OF COURSE IT IS!!!  It's all about you BOB... YOU STARTED 
THIS....get it through your head.  You refused to take his images 
off your site.  You basically told him to "F" off...  How can you 
say this isn't about anything you have done?

> If you believe that "two wrongs do not make a right" then you 
would also believe that there is no place for this type of thing at 
our car shows. I don't do things like this and I handle things like 
a man and not like a total coward....

No...you hide behind the internet and then when this guy blows you 
off at the show you whine that he wasn't being nice.   Do you really 
think you handled the images like a man?  You were the coward who 
refused to take them off because you hid behind the fact that it was 
on the internet and you felt that Monte couldn't do anything to stop 

> I have noticed that most of the people who try to defend Monte
> are the same type of low class people who would do the same type
> of thing. I don't hang around these type of people and what they
> have to say has no meaning to me.

What?....What do you know about anybody on this list?  Low class?  
You don't see me stealing others images do you?  The truth hurts 
doesn't it....You don't like people who call your on your stuff.  
Yeah its really high class to steal images from a site you were 
banned from and then refuse to take them off when asked....yeah you 
are behaving like a high class guy.
> The people out there with half a brain know what is right and what 
is wrong.

It's too bad you don't know what is right and wrong.

> It doesn't matter what beef Monte has with me, you have to conduct 
yourself as a professional in public and I feel I have done that.

In PUBLIC????? but it's ok to screw someone on the internet?  You 
obviously feel that way since you blew off the request to remove the 
images.   It's ok to buy a prop from someone, do NO research 
yourself other than buying it and then making copies of it....Do you 
really want to bring up the radio antenna story again that you 
screwed another DMC community member with....Since you seem to not 
care......a member of our community found a replacement antenna that 
would work in our cars....you bought one from him.  Said publicly 
that he was "stupid enough to send it to me in the original box".  
You found the manufacturer, bought a whole bunch of them and then 
started selling them for a lower price.  You countered by saying 
that it is "free enterprise"....I said it was "shitting in your own 
backyard".....you fucked over another person in our community and I 
took offense to that.  You and I ended up agreeing to disagree and 
we left it at that.   Oh yeah...then you went on to say that "I 
provide full instructions and no shipping".....blah, blah, 
blah....So what?  you still screwed over someone in our community 
who DID THE RESEARCH in finding it.  So all this B.S. about giving 
stuff away for free is horseshit. You are more agressive and 
opportunistic and greedy than anyone I have ever met....that's my 
opinion so sue me. 

> There is right and wrong.You should be smart enough to know the 
difference despite your person feelings about me.
> -VB

Bob you bring this stuff on yourself.  You have NOBODY to blame but 
yourself.  You can't even admit you stole the photo's from Gary's 
site.... That was wrong and you know it!  Why don't you be "the man" 
and simply admit you made a mistake by first taking the images and 
then refusing to remove them?  If you had done the right thing six 
months ago NONE of this would have happened.  Don't you understand 
that?   If you had not blown Monte off he would have had no reason 
to protest you with those stickers.  "VB is a thief"  IS 
TRUE.....You stole the pictures from Gary's site....right?  "Don't 
buy from VB" is Monte's opinion.  As for the sexual reference, 
probably over the top but given your actions how could you expect 
Monte to be totally "nice"......

So I say again....it's ok for you to steal images and refuse to take 
them off, but Monte is supposed to listen to you?  Why?  Just 
because it's in person makes no difference.   It's time someone 
called you on your nonsense and did it to your face.  You always say 
in your e-mails that people wouldn't dare say the things they say 
here to your face...well looks like Monte did say those things on 
his stickers in public with you there.  You had to know that he 
figured you would see them, right?  

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