[DMCForum] Re: Inappropriate Car Show Behavior?
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[DMCForum] Re: Inappropriate Car Show Behavior?

Oh no... 

Robert and Matt have found each other. No BTTF Profiteer will be 
safe :)

Let's get one thing straight. Oliver, Bob, Doug Vater, Bruce 
Coloumbe and others built their cars/components first. They were the 
first generation and there is NOTHING wrong with that. Scott, Monte, 
myself and others post 2003/4 are a second generation of builders 
and we have done things a little differently.

As this new generation we sought to duplicate the film used vehicles 
as closely as we can. We have BUSTED OUR ASSES to research the hell 
out of these cars. I have personally flown all over to interview and 
search out the original era parts needed to do these cars. A part of 
this research involved getting infomation from reluctant sources 
worried that the infomation would be painted all over the net. 

In a way our hands were tied. How DO you showcase something you made 
thats screen accurate, yet keep its sourcing limited? I know I have 
tried to walk this delicate line for nearly 4 years now. I butted 
heads with Bruce because I was telling people what enclosures and 
parts to use to make ACCURATE replicas not using rubber hose and 
christmas lights. It was an impact to his business at the time, but 
in the end it actually helped his business. His parts became more 
accurate and sold even better. I even now can call Bruce a friend 
and have helped him out more times than I can count.

However, not every good deed goes unpunished. You will get people 
who want ALL the info IMMEDIATELY. They fail to understand 
the "gentleman's agreements" NOT to give all the info. They fail to 
grasp the nuances of recasting and reverse engineering someone elses 

Sadly, Robert is one of these people. He speaks of maturity, yet his 
definition is obviously different from most adults out there. 

He talks about working things out like adults - yet will follow 
someone around with a camera egging them for a physical 

He wants people to share info yet gets bent out of shape when 
someone asks or shows off part infomation for one of his products. 

He speaks of being grown up, yet actually defaces someone's car when 
no one is watching.

Threaten and lie all you want Robert. I've been through this with 
you before. I still sleep soundly at night knowing I'm right and you 
will continue being you.


--- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "Videobob Moseley" <videobob@...> 
> Thanks for explaining to people what I have failed to do.
> I too was treated the same way be Gary, Scott, Bruce, Monte and 
all the 
> rest.
> These guys treat these parts like government secrets.
> Every fight I have ever had with these guys was about calling them 
> on the carpet about doing these types of things.
> They would gang up on me and make me look like I was the bad guy.
> When I finally had enough I made my own website.
> Anyone can clearly see the difference when you look at my site.
> it's all there, and it's all free.
> It always has been.
> I will give Gary and his friends all the credit in the world for 
> the first ones to do it.....wait a minute.... I think that credit 
goes to 
> people
> like Bob Brandy's, Oliver, and Don Stegar and Danny Botkin!!!!
> I know that Danny has worked with Gary and Scott on thier cars in 
the past.
> Hey, I like to make a profit myself and you are willing to pay me 
for my 
> time
> to build something for you I will do it, otherwise I will give you 
> chance
> to do it yourself.
> - Videobob
> http://www.bttfstuff.com
> >From: "Matt Spittle" <matthew.spittle@...>
> >Reply-To: DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> >To: DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> >Subject: [DMCForum] Re: Inappropriate Car Show Behavior?
> >Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2006 03:03:51 -0000
> >
> >And what better time to throw myself into the
> >mess! :)
> >
> >First, let me say that I don't agree with the vulgar stickers on
> >Monte's car at DCS for the same reason I wouldn't agree with porno
> >being shown at DCS - there were children present.  Secondly, and
> >equally, I don't agree with touching anyone else's car.
> >
> >I agree that there seems to be a lot of competition in this
> >prop-building community, and it could easily be seen on Ebay.  As 
> >example, I once e-mailed Bruce Coulombe on E-bay, asking him why 
> >sold flux capacitors with replica components, but yet he was 
> >the authentic components in other ebay auctions (as could be seen 
> >doing a bidder search).  He sent me a very long and angry e-mail 
> >to me that started with "Gary W..."  Clearly, he thought that I 
> >Gary, and there were some negative feelings there.  The e-mail 
went on
> >to say that Bruce was licensed by Universal, Gary was not, and 
> >could put an end to Gary's then-time machine replica by making a 
> >phone calls.
> >
> >I had asked Gary for help in the past finding parts to build my 
> >flux capacitor, but he wouldn't tell me.  I did some searching, 
> >a source for what appeareed to be the authentic parts, and then 
> >it to Gary and asked him if the parts were correct.  He said yes, 
> >that I had found the "Holy Grail."  This was www.fairradio.com.  I
> >went and bought the $75 worth of parts, only to find out later 
> >they weren't the right parts.  Some time later, I asked Gary if a
> >particular e-bay auction was selling the right parts.  He said 
no, so
> >I didn't bid.  To my surprise, he later bid on that same item and 
> >the auction.  At least then I knew what the right parts were.
> >
> >From this, it became clear to me that Gary was interested in 
> >money, and would do anything to protect his business strategy 
even if
> >it meant telling kids the wrong information.  I didn't like
> >Gary after that.
> >
> >Bruce C., on the other hand, after I told him in response to his 
> >e-mail that, in fact, I wasn't Gary W., went ahead and sent me 
> >AUTHENTIC PARTS to help me build my own flux capacitor replica.  
> >about a nice guy.
> >
> >In short, I can sympathize with VB's frustration with Gary.  I 
> >that some of those who are involved with BTTF prop-making have 
> >things very ugly for the rest of the fans.
> >
> >
> >Matt
> >#1604
> >
> >
> >
> >

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