[DMCForum] Re: Inappropriate Car Show Behavior?
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[DMCForum] Re: Inappropriate Car Show Behavior?

YOU handled yourself well?

What planet are you from? Seriously?

You followed Monte around the show with camera in hand trying to egg 
him into a fight. You admitted you put stuff on his car while he was 
out of the building. You have flat out lied about the threats of 
violence and vandalism.

Oh yeah, you've been real mature all right...

About the same as usual from what I can see. 

Would you like for me to post all of your previous e-mails to me. 
The threats and commentary in those make this weekend look like a 
kindergarten picnic. Of course, you will deny all of it and keep up 
the same song and dance.

You've gone out of your way to be a pain in my ass ever since I 
kicked you off the site two years ago. I have always done my best to 
keep our issues on the fringes of the DELOREAN community and 
confined to where it belongs (the BTTF Delorean groups). Any action 
I have ever made has been in reaction to something you have done or 
posted. I have NEVER started anything with you.

All I have EVER asked is that you simply leave me, my site, my 
members and our efforts ALONE. No interaction - I want NOTHING to do 
with you. That goes for the DCS as well, yet you seem to think you 
can walk up and we'll be good to go. I'm not having any of it. I 
simply do not want to. PERIOD.

You are incapable of dealing with this rejection and twist that into 
revenge day in and day out. Yet, even while all that is going on you 
STILL try to play yourself as the innocent victim.

It's actually quite pathetic. I have more important things to do 
than listen to your spin.... again.


--- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "Videobob Moseley" <videobob@...> 
> Are you referring to the fact that I put a small piece of paper on 
> windshield to cover
> up the vulgar signs carefully placed inside Monte's car about me?
> Hardly destructive Gary.
> I think I handled myself quite well, and with a lot more dignity 
than Monte 
> did.
> I enjoyed pointing out to his peers what sort of person they were 
> with.
> Think about this Gary....
> How a person acts with one person is how he might act with another.
> What if one day Monte has a disagreement with you.
> I would imagine you would expect to see a sticker on the car that
> would read "Gary Weaver sucks XXXX" displayed as he did to me.
> How would you like your little girl to be examining his car at a 
show and 
> ask....
> "Daddy, what's a XXXX and why are you sucking them?"
> Think about it.
> This is who you associate with?
> Now say what you will about ME, but your whole beef with me is 
> that I visit your website uninvited?
> WTF?
> Your trying to tell me that you and Monte don't check my site 
> Your website has become a mirror image of mine Gary, you have re-
> it to have almost all the same categories and items.
> When I made my website it was the polar opposite of yours with the 
> that they are both BLUE.
> ...beside the point.
> ....as far as Monte goes, I have never said or did a negative 
thing against 
> the man.
> His ENTIRE beef with me was that I had photos of his car on my 
website as 
> part
> of my replica archive, and I wrote glowing things about him, 
saying he was 
> very
> talented and had one of the best cars I had seen, etc.
> I didn't feel I should have to remove them.
> Now, I have all my own photos of him and his car, including VIDEO 
that I own
> and will be posting soon for the world to see.
> Even with all his shenanigans this week I feel that his car should 
have won 
> the
> competition due to accuracy (sorry Oliver). But Oliver really puts 
on a 
> great show
> and everyone just loves him. I know I do, he's a great guy, and if 
he likes 
> me or
> not I could not tell because unlike Monte he was a perfect 
> If a person is judged on his past and present actions, mine have 
always been
> one of an olive branch. I approached both of you with a smile and 
> outstretched hand.
> I am always willing to talk things out.
> I would have been willing to take you both to lunch or to the bar 
and let 
> you vent
> your frustrations with me, and would have been willing to work 
them out and 
> talk
> to you about them and shake hands like MEN.
> Instead I got sarcasm and childish behavior and to be honest Gary 
I am a
> little disappointed in you.
> Even with our disagreements I always thought that you at least 
held a 
> certain
> amount of dignity and integrity but I feel Monte's actions have 
> the hobby
> and good name of the car show with this display of vulgarity.
> I felt that even most recently you were cooperating to end this 
silly war 
> between
> us but now I am not so sure.
> Listen, there have been times I wanted to get on a plane, fly to 
New Jersey 
> and
> strangle Marc Levy but even still we had a laugh together and not 
one single 
> cross word
> the entire time, and maybe even gained some respect for each other.
> (cause that damned water was friggin cold!)
> There is NO EXCUSE for the way Monte acted, and I call for a 
petition that 
> he
> be banned from the show.
> IN the end, it is you and Monte who lose.
> I have a lot of great friends in the DeLorean community, a great 
wife, a 
> great job
> and a nice home and respect from my peers.
> The people who don't like me are insecure and jealous and are 
empty and dead
> inside and only wish they could enjoy life the way I do on a daily 
> So tonight I am back home and I will enjoy steaks on the grill, a 
dip in the 
> pool,
> a soak in the hot tub and a cuddle with the wife.
> Your stupid vulgar stickers can't take that away from me.
> - Videobob
> >From: "Gary Weaver II" <gary@...>
> >Reply-To: DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> >To: DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> >Subject: [DMCForum] Re: Inappropriate Car Show Behavior?
> >Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2006 02:36:02 -0000
> >
> >Hypothetically....
> >
> >What happens if someone had an issue with DMC Florida? Can they 
> >walk up while no one is watching and put whatever they want on 
Proto 1?
> >
> >Somehow I don't think people would go for that.
> >
> >-Gary
> >
> >
> >
> >

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