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--- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Marc Levy <malevy_nj@xxxx> wrote:
> Um, wow!

Yeah, wow indeed.

> --- therealdmcvegas <dmcvegas@xxxx> wrote:
> > Mark, shut up. Please, just shut the hell up for
> > once. You pull this
> > shit every time. You nit-pick something that you can
> > some how turn
> > into an arguing point, just so you start an argument
> > that you can
> > win. You arguing with people on this list, is akin
> > to Andy Kaufman
> > wrestling women: You just want an easy win.
> That is pretty insulting to the members of this list.
> I am surprised to see that from you.

Don't try and hide behind others. If I say something that pisses off
other people on this list, BELEIVE ME, they're gonna say something to
me. So don't use "Please, won't someone think of the
children/listmembers!" as a way out. You only want to jump in on easy
fights so that you can win.

> > I'm gonna say this straight out. Christmas is not
> > about religion to
> > the masses that you wish to exploit as an arguing
> > point. Christmas is
> > a time of fellowship and being together. THAT is
> > what Christmas means
> > to people. Not everyonce exchanges gifts. Not
> > everyone celebrates the
> > birth of Christ. Not everyone eats turkey. But
> > togetherness is what
> > everyone celebrates.
> "Everyone"??  This is my point!  not "everyone"
> celebrates Christmas.  While, the church would LOVE it
> if that were true, it simply is not.  If there is a
> "war on Christmas", who is fighting it if "everyone
> celebrates"?
> Thinking that everyone celebrates Christmas is just
> flat out incorrect.  That is not an opinion.
> Christmas is a RELIGIOUS HOLIDAY. That is not an
> opinion.

CHRISTMAS IS NO LONGER ABOUT RELIGION!!!! It may have it's roots in
religion like other holidays, but it's the fellowship aspect that
people celebrate now days. So when someone wishes you a "Merry
Christmas", they're saying to you, "Hey, Marc, I hope you have a nice
time on your day off." They're not encouraging you to worship another
diety, or even challenging your believes. It's wishing you well.
What's fucked up is when people like you always want to shit on the
feelings of others by turning a simple greeting into some sort of damn
political debate, so that you can vent your own frustrations with the
world. That's like spitting one someone who smiles at you in a public
place, simply because you feel there may have been some subversive
motive behind what was otherwise nothing more than a friendly greeting.

Christmas might be a holiday with religious roots, just like
Thanksgiving, but many of the people who celebrate it now do so for
non-religious reasons.

> > By wishing you a "Merry Christas", there were no
> > religious
> > conantations meant. It was more of a "Hey, hope you
> > had a nice day
> > together with your family, and enjoyed each others
> > company." If you
> > can't take it as such, well, that's your problem.
> > And if you don't
> > celebrate Christmas, then I don't look down on that
> > at all. However,
> > you'd better be at work, and forfeting all holiday
> > pay, and any and
> > all seasonal compensational bonuses you recieve from
> > your employer.
> > That's like a clansman who takes MLK Day off.
> It is not my fault my employer chooses to close for
> Christmas.  Plenty of non-Jewish people in New York
> City get many Jewish holidays off....  But they don't
> have 8 weeks of people cramming "L'shana tova" down
> their throats, along with religious music in public
> places, religious symbols displayed on government
> property, and the list goes on.  How would you feel if
> you sat in a restaurant and listen to BAD music
> singing about how your beliefs are wrong?
> One day off a year is not enough compensation for the
> aggravation caused by Christmas.  I'd glady exchange
> the day off to not have to hear about a 100%
> commercial holiday.  If you want to discuss my
> opinions on the history of Christmas, we will have to
> do that offline because the subject of religion is now
> banned here.

I can understand not feeling apart of something, and then feeling
REALLY uncomfortable with something that keeps getting pushed upon
you. I honestly do. I went to a high school in Los Angeles. Over 2,500
students, with only about 300 being white like me, and not many of
them wanting a thing to do with me, because I came from a blue collar
family. I had to attend all sorts of "informative" presentations about
other cultures and their holidays, both religious and political
(Chinese New Year, Armenian Genocide, Ramadan, etc.). Yeah, I
understand the feeling of exclusion, and uncomfortable feeling of
having people tell me that I should be sensitive and respectful to the
holidays of others that I really didn't give a damn about. So you know
what I did? I just let go of the anger, and took more pride in myself,
and my own roots. I know who I am, and where I'm from. And I let
others do the same, and celebrate their own diversity.

Like I say, I understand your frustration, Marc. But don't vent your
anger on others here online. What have you done to make your
dis-satisfaction know to retailers, government establishments, and
others with whom you're angry? Take your anger out on them, not
someone who's intention was to simply wish you well, via a
semi-anonymous internet board.

> > Mark, I know you're not a stupid man. However, you
> > pull this shit all
> > the time, and when you get yelled at by others, you
> > just sit there
> > and say, "DUH! Whut did I do so wrong! DURRRRR!"
> > Your daftness either
> > spans the unknowns of the universe as you still
> > don't learn from your
> > mistakes, or you purposefully do this shit just to
> > egg people into
> > arguments, so that you can easily win with some
> > flimsy excuse that is
> > only justified in your mind. You seriously seem to
> > have some sort of
> > social anxiety, or psychological disorder that makes
> > you always want
> > to be right. Just what do you really gain from
> > winning all of these
> > petty arguments, Mark?
> While there is some truth to "always want to be
> right", I think that goes for just about everyone.
> Anyone who had any self respect will want to be right.
>  However, that does not mean I can never be wrong.
> The topics we tend to discuss here (non DeLorean) are
> not always cut and dry.  I don't think I have ever
> "won" any online debate, as I said before it is for
> education and entertainment.

And that's the problem. You should enter into a debate to exchange
ideas, and share opinions. The goal is to learn, not to win. You
however simply want to start fights like you're in Thunderdome. "Two
men argue, one man flame!"

> What did I do wrong??  Yup..  Many times I throw my
> comments or opinions out there.  Many times they
> generate discussions, which is cool.  I have only
> found fault with those who find fault with *ME* as
> opposed to either keeping their insults to themselves,
> or participating in the discussion with facts and
> opinions ON THE TOPIC (not about me).

The problem isn't you sharing your opinion. The problem is you
fighting with others. You don't simply present an opinion and say,
"Hey guys, this what I think." and continue the conversation. No, you
state your opinion, and then always go the extra effort to attack what
anyone else says. And if you get challenged on something, you always
pull this victim plea. "Hey, you just disagree with me because I'm
Marc Levy! And everyone misunderstands me, and no one likes me,
because I'm Marc Levy!" in an attempt to once again attack the person,
rather than what they have to say to avoid a conflict that God forbid
you might actually lose.

> > If you still don't believe me, try re-reading your
> > posts from other
> > peoples' perspective.
> Try seeing Christmas from the perspective of someone
> who does not celebrate it.

Been there, done that. My buddy had a horrible holiday experience as a
child, and never celebrates them. Thanksgiving or Christmas he won't
celebrate with her. She'll go over to other friends or family members
homes, and observe the holiday there. Everything from the music in
stores, to commercials will get to him. And yes, he too like others
hates the over-commercialism of the holiday, and how it's pushed onto
others. So no, he doesn't observe it, and is pretty uncomfortable with
all of it. But still, he's respectful of others who want to observe
the holiday, and certainly doesn't impede any of their efforts. And
he's certainly never gone out of his way to subvert the good
intentions of others.


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