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Re: [DMCForum] Warning: Troll Chow!

> Marc Levy <malevy_nj@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
  > "Everyone"??  This is my point!  not "everyone"
> celebrates Christmas.  While, the church would LOVE it
> if that were true, it simply is not.  If there is a
> "war on Christmas", who is fighting it if "everyone
> celebrates"?

> Thinking that everyone celebrates Christmas is just
> flat out incorrect.  That is not an opinion.

> Christmas is a RELIGIOUS HOLIDAY. That is not an
> opinion.
  I?ll give you the fact that Christmas is a religious holiday, but that does not mean you have to celebrate it.  By saying ?Merry Christmas? I am not telling you to convert to Christianity.  I am simply saying to have a nice day on Dec 25 which is nationally recognized as being called ?Christmas?.
> It is not my fault my employer chooses to close for
> Christmas.  Plenty of non-Jewish people in New York
> City get many Jewish holidays off....  But they don't
> have 8 weeks of people cramming "L'shana tova" down
> their throats, along with religious music in public
> places, religious symbols displayed on government
> property, and the list goes on.  How would you feel if
> you sat in a restaurant and listen to BAD music
> singing about how your beliefs are wrong?
  Um, dude, that happens to me 50% of the time I go into a restaurant all year round.  Deal with it.

> One day off a year is not enough compensation for the
> aggravation caused by Christmas.  I'd glady exchange
> the day off to not have to hear about a 100%
> commercial holiday.  If you want to discuss my
> opinions on the history of Christmas, we will have to
> do that offline because the subject of religion is now
> banned here.

  I?d gladly give up a lot of days off to get rid of a lot of stuff that is offensive to me, but I can?t.  This is America, which means that other people have a right to their opinions too, even if it is offensive to me.  It would be wrong to prohibit them from publicly displaying their opinions.  If you don?t like it, ignore it.
> While there is some truth to "always want to be
> right", I think that goes for just about everyone.
> Anyone who had any self respect will want to be right.
> However, that does not mean I can never be wrong.
> The topics we tend to discuss here (non DeLorean) are
> not always cut and dry.  I don't think I have ever
> "won" any online debate, as I said before it is for
> education and entertainment.

> What did I do wrong??  Yup..  Many times I throw my
> comments or opinions out there.  Many times they
> generate discussions, which is cool.  I have only
> found fault with those who find fault with *ME* as
> opposed to either keeping their insults to themselves,
> or participating in the discussion with facts and
> opinions ON THE TOPIC (not about me).

> > If you still don't believe me, try re-reading your
> > posts from other
> > peoples' perspective.

> Try seeing Christmas from the perspective of someone
> who does not celebrate it.
  I don?t celebrate any of the other holidays besides Christmas, but I still see plenty of them in public too.  It doesn?t offend me in the slightest bit.  I celebrate one thing, others celebrate something else.  So what?  If someone were to wish me a Happy Hanukah, I would say ?Thank you, you too,? even though I celebrate Christmas, not Hanukah.

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