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RE: [DMCForum] Re: Controversy

Well....all I can say is that I have experienced the Ultimate.....I got a
ticket about 2 years ago for (get this)  "Improper use of my Horn"

I became impatient when a police officer was not directing traffic around a
tow truck pulling a vehicle out of a ditch on the side of the road after it
lost control.  It was small town road (45mph speed area) with two lanes, and
7+ foot shoulders.  The cop made us sit for ~20 minutes while the tow truck
did its thing.  I grew impatient after 10 min, and honked the horn shortly
two times in a "COME ON!!!  DIRECT US AROUND THIS B.S.!" kind of fashion.
5 Min. later, I did it again (being really pissed I was now late for work,
and there was NO vehicles on the road coming the other way)

When the cop started the flow of traffic again, he asked each car to honk
its horn.  BAM!  I was 5th in line, and when he made me honk, he told me to
pull to the shoulder!   Being a wise ass, I figured he had nothing on
me...until he served me the "Improper use of my horn ticket".   I had a few
choice words for him as a "thank you", inquired why he did not direct
traffic around the tow truck on the shoulder, and asked for a lesson in what
constituted the "Proper use of my horn".   He walked away without saying
anything and I was now 35 min. late for work.

Later I found out that the cop was supposedly not able (by law) to direct
traffic if he was the only policemen on the scene.   If the police officer
would have explained that to me when I asked why he did not direct traffic,
I wouldn't have been suck a jerk about it.

I paid the fine (late) without trying to fight it.   $58 and no points on my

Kevin Abato
Vin #16680


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Yes, there are always other sides to a story.  But in
court, the officers testimony is always more credible
than the defendant.

Over 15 yrs ago I got 2 tickets from the same officer,
one was "changing lanes without signaling", and
"improper lane change".  WTF?  They are the same
thing, no?  Well, I was sure I used my turn signal,
and at the stop the officer asked to so show him my
signal worked.

I went to court.  Cop gets on the stand "He changed
lanes without signaling", I get up "I changed lanes,
and used my signal properly".  Can anyone guess who
won?  :)

The fact that he issued me 2 tickets for the exact
same thing should be evidence that (for some reason)
he was biased.  Maybe he did not like a 18 yr old kid
driving a restored 66 Mustang convertible?  Maybe he
had a quota to make?  Maybe he way not paying close
enough attention to my turn signal lights?  Either
way, this was a simple case of my word against his.
The judge took his testimony as the truth.  I always
wonder why I was not charged with lying under oath
too!  Maybe because there is no profit it in for the

--- dmcgman <DmcGman@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Also debating is fine, but when anyone tells a one
> hand account of
> an event, should that account be taken as absolute
> fact?  My point
> was to say that I am sure there are other sides to
> it and probably 
> a completely different account from the toher party
> or parties
> involved.  That has simply been my experience when
> going to an
> accident or other event I did not witness, and
> getting second hand
> accounts.  Most stories posted here about encounters
> with police or
> sheriffs or whatever, are just an excuse to vent.
> Again most not
> all. They don't originally for a debate, that is
> just what usually
> follows.
> Gary

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