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[DMCForum] Re: Administrative law

--- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Marc Levy <malevy_nj@xxxx> wrote:
> I am sure the girl's account of what took place puts
> me at blame.  However, the officer HAD NO ACCOUNT.  He
> was not a witness.  He issued me a ticket based on the
> girl's story?  From a 30 second discussion with me,
> then her, the officer with the power of his position
> wrote me a ticket which has significant repercussions
> on the situation.  I go to court, I get a fine, I get
> points, I pay insurance surcharges, and I have a hard
> time collecting on the damage to my car.  His
> (biased?) decision has the potential to cost me
> thousands of dollars, which it has.

Again Marc, this is your one hand account of the situation.  As I
said I am not saying whether or not its accurate, and no one but you
here knows what happened.  It would be unreasonable for anyone to
judge the situation or give it validity based on your account alone.
A fair debate on a topic of an event requires at least some others
to have some independent knowledge of the situation.  Your own story
does provide that. 

> If a Lawyer, Doctor, or any other professions were to
> misuse their power to cause harm to me I have recourse
> through the legal system. 

Well all of the people you mention who abuse their power could do
some form of harm, and you have the same recourse through the legal
system if someone in law enforcement acted inappropriately as well. 

>Not a cop though, they are
> above the law. Which again is why we are discussing
> cops, and not doctors or lawyers.. 

Well Marc that statement sounds completely biased and is completely
untrue.  I think it sums up your personal feelings and is degrading
to those in that profession.  No one is under the micrscope or
second guessed more these days than those in law enforcement, and I
have seen more than once when those in the small miority who abuse
their power are pointed out, they have lost their jobs or whatever
is called for, just as teachers, and doctors, or anyone else who
abuses their postion.  Seems more like you have a negative attitude
after receiving some tickets, and your account of personal
experiences is harldy fact.  But rather an excuse to stereotype a
group with your own persoanl opinons.  Again you can have your
opinon, just as most usually have a differing opinon.  Its pointless
to debate your pesonal feelings, and I would tend to agree with
those who say they ignore them since they are more voiced to stir
ill will.  Sounds like a good idea at this point. 

That takes me back
> to my message from the other day that you decided to
> not respond to.

I dont know what message you mean.  But it shoudlnt be hard for you
to contact me privately if you have a real question.

> --- dmcgman <DmcGman@xxxx> wrote:
> <SNIP>
> > I hear these stories daily and in most cases when I
> > hear from the
> > other party is is quite a different account.  Well
> > Marc since we
> > only hear your side of this story and not the lady,
> > or the officer
> > in the case, I would say its pretty unreasonable to
> > judge a
> > situation from a one-sided account.  I would bet
> > that the lady or
> > the officer has a different account.  As you asked
> > about the
> > officer, could it be your biased from maybe getting
> > a few tickets,
> > and not he?  I could assume that since you say you
> > have been to
> > traffic court, but I will not make that assumption I
> > will just ask
> > the same question as you did and say I have heard
> > many stories from
> > those who have had traffic encounters and in most
> > cases the one side
> > you hear differs or leaves many facts out that took
> > place.  I would
> > not pass judgement on anything, or any story such as
> > this stated
> > secondhand, where I heard from only one of three
> > parties involved.
> >
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