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Re: [DMCForum] Re: Cop stories

> > Police are debated so heavily because they have the ability to revoke
> > your civil liberties. Anyone with the power to put you in a cell is
> > going to attract heavy debate.
> Well many of those in certain professions have certain powers or
> responsibilities.  And they are also held to a very high level of
> accountability.  I would disagree that civil liberties are revoked

No, only the police (and a select few other subsets of government)
have the power to revoke your civil liberties. And that's exactly what
it is - a legal method of revoking one's civil liberties. I don't have
a problem with that in the least. Criminals SHOULD have their civil
liberties revoked so they are not a danger to the rest of us. All I'm
saying is, the justice system has certain powers granted to them that
nobody else does. The entire system has been and will continue to be
heavily debated and discussed because of the magnitude of it's powers.
Police, being the enforcers of justice, get a lot of flack. It's
neither right nor wrong, really, it's just "how it is".

Seriously, if speeding tickets were anything like the parking tickets
they issued back in high school - in other words, if they had
basically no weight whatsoever - people wouldn't complain about them.
We'd just go about our business. The problem is that failure to pay a
speeding ticket can result in arrest and jail time. This is why people
get so upset about them - the ticket itself is not the problem, it's
the power that's used to back it up.

I'm not saying we should eliminate speeding tickets. Just making the
point that the issue is the power; the power is the issue. Hence,
heavy debate, and a lot of flack given to law enforcement when people
don't agree with a given action.

> > We know you do good work, and we appreciate it. Maybe that doesn't
> get
> > said enough.
> Thousands in law enforcement do good work every day.  I was certainly
> not looking for a pat on the back, actually I was just trying to voice

When I said, "We know you do good work", I didn't mean you
specifically. I meant all of you. :)

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