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Re: [DMCForum] Cop stories

On 12/14/05, Dom Diaz <dom_diaz@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I agree with not fumbling for docs 'like an idiot', even having hands
> visible, but having all of your occupants stick their hands out the
> window?!?  I've been able to get out of tickets without having to act like a
> clown to amuse them. To each his own, but I'll take the ticket. :)

It's not the ticket I'm worried about. It's the twitchy cop
approaching my car with his hand on his glock because for all he
knows, one of my passengers is going to blow his head off.

I like to make these guys feel as comfortable as possible. Cops are
really nice people when they realize you're just an ordinary guy going
about his business and neither you nor any of your passengers are
plotting against him. So you see, it's not about acting like a clown
or amusing him, it's about making a routine traffic stop - where cops
are regularly killed - comfortable for him.

It also has the side benefit of a warning almost every time. I got
pulled over for 72 in a 55 (I'd merged from one highway to another and
missed the speed change) in a bright red Fiero with a sweet growling
supercharged engine. I'd actually passed the cop and didn't even
notice because I was, of all things, talking on my cell phone. Should
have received a ticket for sure. But I hung my hands out the window,
made the guy comfortable, told him I knew I was an idiot for paying
more attention to the stupid phone than the road and that it wouldn't
happen again. He gave me a lecture and let me go.

I could give several other examples, but suffice it to say, this works
great for me, and I don't feel a bit like a clown for it.

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