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[DMCForum] Cop stories

Let's hear 'em.

I got pulled over Friday night. Second time in two years - the first
was for not having a front plate (within a month of purchasing the

I have to say, it's good to be pulled over in a DeLorean. On both
occasions, the officers turned into Mr. Friendly when they got to the
door. This time was hilarious, though. I was speeding a bit - maybe
58-60mph in a 55 - it's almost midnight, and I'm on my way home from a
movie. I saw the lights so I pulled way off the road, turned off the
engine, opened the door and put my hands on the top of the
windshield/door seal so the guy wouldn't be nervous approaching me.

Some tips I learned from an officer on one of the Fiero lists years
ago: Get way the heck off the road. If the officer has plenty of space
between you and the road, he doesn't have to worry about getting hit
by another driver and thus he's more likely to engage you in small
talk and listen to any explanation you might have. Turn the engine off
so he knows you won't try to run. Also, don't be fumbling around for
your documentation like an idiot. The guy approaching your car has
nightmares about some crackhead shooting him to get out of a $60
speeding ticket and every time he approaches a vehicle, part of him is
fearing for his life. If he sees you doing anything he's going to
assume you're going for a weapon. So give him a break: Roll the window
down and keep your hands where he can see them. On top of the steering
wheel, on your head, anywhere. If you have a car full of people they
should all keep their hands visible. Better, have everyone stick their
hands out the window. It's silly but the cop will get a good laugh and
will be immediately comfortable with you, which often means you won't
get a ticket.

Anyway, here I am, and he approaches carefully, flashlight pointed at
me. I smile, he sees my hands, and asks me if I have any weapons. I
laugh and say, "No no, just keeping my hands up here so you don't have
to worry about me." He puts his flashlight away and goes into Mr.
Friendly mode. The conversation went something like:

Officer: "Reason I pulled you over wasn't the speed... eh, 60 or so
isn't bad - but, - can you turn your blinker on for me?"
Me: "Sure." (turned on left blinker)
Officer: (glances back real quick) "Yeah, that's what I thought.
They're really bright. You're not supposed to have any white back
there except the reverse lights."

Now, my turn signals are faded on the rear, but they're not THAT bad!
Still, I've known they were faded for awhile and I've been meaning to
do something about it, so I tell him this, and continue:

Me: "... I'll stick some yellow bulbs in there until I can replace the lenses."
Officer: "Sounds good."

He then tells me about a friend of a friend who has a DeLorean, and we
chat about the car for a bit. Finally he tells me to have a good
evening and begins walking away, then stops himself and says, "Oh, do
you happen to have your license on you?" - as if it's a total
afterthought. I hand it over and he writes down the number. While he's
writing it down I give him my insurance card, even though he didn't

Officer: "That's OK... Oh, this is expired. Do you have a current one?"
Me: "Uh oh... (looks in wallet) .. Apparently not. I have a current
one for my Mitsubishi."
Officer: "OK, then you probably have insurance on this."
Me: "Oh, I do. Do you want to see this card?"
Officer: "Nah..."

He never asked for my registration. He didn't need to see proof of
insurance. He almost forget to ask for my driver's license. He seemed
very intelligent and on the ball, and I've no doubt in any other
vehicle I would have been a lot closer to a ticket. He was just _cool_
with the whole DeLorean thing.

- Ryan
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