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Re: [DMCForum] Re: FW: Hummer H2 vs. Tahoe


On 11/29/05, Joe OBrien <joeyoseppijoe@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Guess it all boils down to driving skill.
> I've driven a front wheel drive VW through countless snowstorms,
> level 4 snow emergencies, and have always reached my destination in
> 1 piece.

And I drove a rear wheel drive Fiero through a nice blizzard on a
mountain pass. That doesn't mean it was fun. The fact that someone
would much rather be in an SUV shouldn't call their driving skills
into question. I don't see where choice of vehicle has anything to do
with driving skill.

I like VWs. They're good little cars for all sorts of weather
conditions, and fun as hell to drive on dry pavement. That said, good
luck yanking fellow travelers out of a ditch in a VW, let alone
getting yourself out should you inadvertantly slide into one. Good
luck driving on unpaved mountain roads - we tried it in a '99 Beetle.
Took it very slow and easy but still managed to punch a quarter sized
hole in the oil pan.

> Just take your time, and react accordingly to the conditions. And
> still pull 37mpg.

One of the reasons I love VWs. A coworker has a Jetta TDI and gets
damn near 50mpg. I'd buy a VW TDI over a hybrid any day of the week if
I were in the market for a smaller vehicle.

> My penis is just fine that I don't need a Hummer to extend it.

You must have missed the previous discussion about this. Calling into
question the size of someone's penis based on their choice of vehicle
is a terribly poor reflection on you. I'm betting there are quite a
few strangers who, upon seeing your DeLorean and assuming it cost you
$100k, have remarked to their friends, "Man, that guy has a tiny

> In case you can't tell, I hate everything about the H2's &
> unnecessarily large trucks that have no real use.

"No real use" has already been debunked. There are plenty of uses.
Just because you can't imagine anyone actually taking advantage of
them doesn't mean they don't exist. I wish you lived around me; I've
got an adventurous buddy with an H2 who would be happy to take you on
one of his off-road expeditions. I guarantee even the most anti-SUV
person would come away with a newfound respect for Hummers and their

Bitch about the environmental concerns all you want, you'll even get
some agreement from me, but calling the vehicle's capabilities into
question is just silly.

- Ryan - Store your bookmarks. On every computer.


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