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[DMCForum] Re: FW: Hummer H2 vs. Tahoe

Guess it all boils down to driving skill.

I've driven a front wheel drive VW through countless snowstorms,
level 4 snow emergencies, and have always reached my destination in
1 piece.

Just take your time, and react accordingly to the conditions. And
still pull 37mpg.

My penis is just fine that I don't need a Hummer to extend it.

In case you can't tell, I hate everything about the H2's &
unnecessarily large trucks that have no real use.

If you use a truck, then fine, but H2 is not a truck, just an SUV,
and a parts bin truck from the hopefully soon to be bankrupt GM.

-Joe O'Brien


--- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, tmadsop@xxxx wrote:
> Let's look at what is similar in the H2 to the Yukon.  A lot of
the interior (seats, DVD/NAV system, a/c, steering wheel, dash
cluster, switches) are shared with the Yukon.  As is the
engine/transmission and computer.  According to the Hummer design
team, approximately 40% of the parts in the H2 are shared.  The rear
suspension was heavily modified from the Suburban 3/4 ton.  The
approach angle is 40.4 degrees with a departure angle of 39.6
degrees.  I have been in a hummer that literally climbed into a
loading dock.
> The frame is HEAVILY modified in that it is essentially a 3/4 ton
truck frame in the front and a 1/2 ton in the rear.  However, it is
so heavily modified it is not recognizable as anything on a Tahoe.
> The hummer also benefits from major underbody protection that none
of the other's have in the form of skid plates and protective cages.
> The front suspension is unique to the H2.  It has a 46mm monotube
gas shock and 35.9mm tubular front stabilizer bar.  The front axle
is designed for off-road use and can cary 4,000lbs.  The dampers are
also unique to this truck with a 40mm center tube (not found on any
other GM product)
> The transfer case is unique to the H2 with it being a full-time
4WD with Traction control.
> I suspect the brakes are from the 3/4 ton Suburban.
> You might as well say the truck is a rebadged corvette, because
the engine is essentially a modified LS6 Corvette engine.
> Because it has the same engine/tranny combo and shares some
systems (many GM vehicles do that) I think it is unfair to call it a
rebadged Tahoe.  It sure doesn't look anything like a Tahoe, nor
does it share it's dimensions.  GM put a good vehicle together in
record time and was able to do it as economical as possible with off
the shelf components.  I can't fault them for that.  if it ain't
broke, don't fix it.
> As you can tell I am a fan of the Hummer.  I have a unique
perspective being the former owner of a 2000 Yukon, and a current
owner of a 2004 H2, a 1995 H1 (5.7 l gas engine) , a 2006 Yukon
Denali and of course a 1981 De Lorean (#6859).  I suppose it is like
calling a De Lorean a rebadged Lotus (probably an easier reference
then the Air Force One being compared to a commercial 747).  I am
more of a fan of automobiles in general then just Hummers.  I can't
justify a 13MPG hummer in a 65 mile one way commute. An 18MPG Denali
is easier on the wallet with the same comfort and less middle
fingers being waved.  But the Hummer has been used numerous times
since my employer  doesn't  accept excuses no matter what weather or
national event has occured, for not showing up at work.  Also, look
at how many H1's and H2's came to the rescue in the hurricane
relief. I wouldn't have brought my Yukon to that event!
> Hopefully some subject matter knowledge can go a long way on this
issue. Besides.......what is wrong with the Tahoe/Yukon in the first
> Nate
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