Re: [DMCForum] FW: Hummer H2 vs. Tahoe
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Re: [DMCForum] FW: Hummer H2 vs. Tahoe

--- Ryan Wright <ryanpwright@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> On 11/29/05, Marc Levy <malevy_nj@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > I guess the root of that comes from my opinion
> that
> > these monster trucks are Selfish.
> This is a relatively popular opinion, but I've
> always wondered why
> it's only been popping up over the last 5 to 10
> years or so. Why now?
> Full size vans and big pickups have been around for
> a long time, and
> nobody had a problem back then.

That is simple.  The increased popularity of these

> People get annoyed because there are so many more of
> them on the road
> now, but it seems hypocritical to me. The people who
> feel this way
> weren't mad at truck and van owners in the seventies
> and eighties. Why
> now?

As you said, there were less of them.  If once a week
a truck causes you limited visibility it is a lot less
noticeable than EVERY TIME you try to pull out of a
parking spot, some stupid SUV is blocking your view.

> > Think about this next time you are in your
> DeLorean
> > trying to make a turn or change lanes, and you
> can't
> > see what the heck is going on around you because
> you
> > have SUV's blocking your view.
> Or trucks, or vans, or work trucks, dump trucks,
> delivery trucks, RVs,
> big rigs, .. I mean, if you're going to hold this
> opinion, you can't
> just label SUVs. All of these vehicles cause the
> same problems. Why
> aren't big dump trucks selfish? Is it because
> they're doing some sort
> of specific, official work?

YES!  You don't need a dump truck to commute to your
paper-pusher job.   again, it is because these large
vehicles are more common now.

> What if I tow a big boat to the lake several times a
> week, but drive
> my H2 to work because I don't want to own multiple
> vehicles for
> multiple tasks? Does that count as a specific,
> official work, and
> hence OK, or am I still selfish? I guess I could
> have a Kia for work,
> a pickup for towing and hauling, and a minivan for
> family outings, but
> that doesn't make sense when a single SUV will do
> all of the above. If
> I only have $30k to spend, am I selfish for buying
> one nice "all in
> one" vehicle instead of three cheap, used ones?

How did people do such things before?  Lots of people
tow a boat on weekends 20 years ago, but they were not
driving H2's to work every day.

> My parents have a full size van with few windows on
> the side. It sucks
> up twice the gas of my SUV, blocks the view much
> worse, and likely
> weighs more. Nobody ever gives them crap about that,
> but I get to hear
> how selfish I am for owning an SUV. Why?

That, I can't answer.

> I suppose someone could make the argument that a
> DeLorean is selfish
> and dangerous to others on the road. Every time I'm
> driving, the
> people around me spend more time looking at my car
> than watching where
> they're going. One of these days someone is going to
> cause an accident
> and kill someone, "taking away their option to
> live", all because I
> wanted a DeLorean. ;-)

That is a stretch.

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