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RE: [DMCForum] Re: FW: Hummer H2 vs. Tahoe

I am curious about one thing Joe, why do you despise the H2 so much?  What
has this vehicle ever done to you?  Has it given your car an evil look?  Has
it pushed your car around during recess?  Does it talk about your car behind
its back?  I mean I was at the movies tonight and was parked next to a
Nissan Titan, and it was bigger than my H2.  The Ford Excursion is bigger as
well.  What about the H2 SUT?  Is it different because it is kind of a
truck, and therefore more usable?

I really am curious for my own benefit, because I don't look at any car with
loathing.  They are all made to the standards the Federal Government has put
forth and therefore fair game for ownership in my book.

I find the tiny lowered cars/trucks to be more hazardous.  Heck all I ever
see when I am behind them is those damn sparks flying around making my eyes

The visibility thing still gets me.  If I am ever driving down the road and
am behind a big rig, I wait for a safe passing zone and make my move.  I
don't sit back and get grumpy with them, I back off enough to make sure I
can see past them.

I am watching C.S.I. Miami right now on ReplayTV.  One thing I like to do is
jam to The Who while driving our H2.  I talked my wife into the Pewter one
that's the same as on the show...

"We don't get fooled again!!!!!!!!"

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"How many countries has your car liberated?"

Just about the same amount as the Hummers have liberated, aka zero.


--- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "delorean6859" <tmadsop@xxxx> wrote:
> I agree.  Having one of these vehicles gives you piece of mind. 
> fact that these cars are on the road doesn't equate to them being
> dangerous.  I can bet that I can stop my Hummer on a slick road
> then I can stop my De Lorean thanks to ABS and stabilitrack.  If I
> wreck, I'm walking away.  As for the person that is unlucky enough
> get in an accident against a Hummer, why should I concern myself
> what they are driving?  Should I drive a smaller car so that drunk
> driver or that kid driving a heavily modified Japanese import can
> away when he slams into me or my wife with the kids.  I make no
> apologies for my Hummer.  The owners of the Hummers that are
> of HOPE (Hummer Owners Prepared For Emergencies) that responded to
> hurricanes are probably glad they have them also, as are the
> whose lives they saved.  I doubt many Prius's were down there
> a hand (that would make them POPE).
> Does my wife have any extra training in her H2.  Yes, she has
> some training at the local HUmmer dealer on their demonstartion
> as well as some wisdom I have imparted on her. 
> H2's are also seeing heavy use in Iraq by companies such as
> Blackwater.  You can throw a shitload of armor on them without
> substantial modifications.  How many countries has your car
> Noone is going to go changing their opinion on these cars.  Bottom
> line, I think I've proven they aren't rebadged Tahoes in my
> post.  They are safer for their occupants should they be in an
> accident and I do not feel they are more prone to getting in
> accidents.  NO special training is necessary in these things with
> advancements of ABS and Stabilitrack.  They truly handle on
> like a car.  I called my insurance company earlier today on this
> and they have an EXTREMELY low accident claim rate. (Theft is a
> different matter)  That kinda shoots the whole "they are more
> dangerous to others on the road" argument down.
> I'm just gettin started,
> Nate
> My wife likes the visibility she has with this truck.  She can see
> over most other cars.  If the hummer blocks your view because you
> in a smaller car, then don't friggin tailgate!

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