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Re: [DMCForum] Engine swaps / upgrades

--- Ryan Wright <ryanpwright@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Ugh. Yet another reason I'm glad I use GMail. Auto
> saves drafts, etc.
> You should get a GMail account, at the very least
> sign it up to the
> Forum for a bit and see how it threads messages. All
> responses to a
> particular topic show up in a single "message", you
> open the "message"
> and the thread is right there. It's very slick.
> If you need an invite, let me know.

I tried gmail a few months back.. Maybe a year now??
It seemed OK, but back then they did not have features
like spell check at all.  Do they now?

Have they added PIM functions yet?  Like a real
contact manager, and calendar?

> > Too big, for one.   All of the V8 swaps I have
> seen
> > require that fiberglass be cut to make it fit.
> One of
> > the project parameters was to have little to no
> > modification to any DMC parts.
> Was that Northstar cut? The pics didn't show a whole
> lot, but it
> looked like it fit pretty well to me.

I don't remember for sure.

> I agree with you, though. I would not want to chop
> my body up to make
> an engine fit. I'd like any swap to appear stock to
> someone who
> doesn't know DeLoreans. If it's all hacked up to
> make it fit in there,
> it will look like shit.



> I don't have that knowledge. I'd have to first find
> a list of various
> available engines with appropriate dimensions (where
> do you even start
> to find such a thing?!). Then select a few that look
> right and do more
> research on them, etc. Then do it again for
> transmissions.

The "list of engines" gets pretty short once you
decide what you want...  For example, I chose the
Chrysler Prowler/LHS engine when I did because it was
the only one (at the time) that met all of my
criteria.  I just happen to get lucky that when I went
to the junkyard to take measurements of it that it
would fit in the DMC frame.

When that project turned out to be a bust due to the
time and money wasted on building a custom bell
housing to mount it to the DMC trans, I realized I had
to start all over again.  I decided it would be easier
(and cheaper) to just buy a Porsche trans and the
Kennedy adapter kit for it.  Kennedy does make an
adapter for the LHS engine, but in the 4 years I had
wasted Chrysler had discontinued the engine!   Still
plenty of them available in junkyards, but I decided
to re-visit my engine choices and found that Nissan
had recently introduced an all aluminum 3.5L engine
(the VQ35).  When I started researching it, I found
that there were an infinite number of resources for
information on this engine as compared to almost
NOTHING on the Chrysler.  So, I sold the Chrysler
engine for a small loss and bought the VQ35.  The time
and money I lost on the custom bell housing was lost
either way, so that turned in to an expensive learning

Decide what you want, and I can help you narrow the
list of possible engines.  Do you require a V8?  Do
you require it be all aluminum (light)?  How much
flexibility do you want with ability to modify it?
Does it need to be a modern engine (Electronic
everything), or do you prefer "old school"?

Transmission choices are less complex because there
are so few that will work in a rear engine

> > does your knowledge of all the components
> involved.  I
> > have spent HUNDREDS of hours doing this in the
> past 5
> > years....
> I don't doubt it! That's not something I'm wanting
> to do.

I guess you don't want it that bad!  :)

> > Or wait for someone else to do it, and copy them.
> Yeah, that's more like it. ;-)

Not a problem, as long as their goals are the same as
yours.... and you are patient!  :)


> > You can build a 400HP VQ35 pretty easy.  Plenty of
> > aftermarket stuff for it.  Even forged pistons,
> and
> > stroker kits!!  The supercharger claims to add 55%
> > horse power, that is just about 400HP.
> >
> > The advantage of what I am doing is I will get the
> car
> > to run on the stock VQ35.  And when the 260HP is
> no
> > longer making me smile, I can slowly shop for
> > aftermarket performance parts designed for the
> G35,
> > 350Z, or Maxima and bolt them to my DeLorean!
> This is not a bad idea. Actually it's a really good
> idea. I might have
> to consider that, too. I bet there'd be more room
> under the hood for
> something like that, and there are countless
> available aftermarket &
> tuning parts. Bet the gas mileage is better, too.

yes, but those performance parts are not cheap.  If
you KNOW you want more power to begin with then it is
something to consider when you are selecting an
engine.  For me, I think I will be happy with 260 for
a long time.

Maybe you can get a Corvette, Mustang, or the new
Charger Hemi in there??

> Only problem, I'd have to tune the exhaust somehow.
> Don't want my
> DeLorean blending into the import scene too much;
> certainly don't want
> the "pimped out Honda" sound.

I hope to make mine as quiet as possible.  The biggest
problem with that is space.  Not lot of room for a
good size muffler.

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