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While it is true more foreign students are studying engineering, or more
correctly the hard sciences, there is still a lack of people in these
fields.  I think some of it has to do with how not glamorous it is.  You
probably won't become a millionaire as a biologist.

American students seem to steer clear of the hard sciences.  It was the same
way when I was in college / university X years ago.  The only time it was
difficult getting in any engineering or science class was in the first year.
Almost all first year classes weed out those not really interested in

The introductory classes, as with most other degrees, are getting you
acquainted with the basics.  Your early engineering classes will be most all
math, science, and mechanics and can seem very dry.  Once you get past all
of that it can get really fun.

I am not very good at math either but had little problem in my engineering
courses.  For example, I fully understood mechanics but when my calculus
instructor would present a similar problem in his terms, which were geared
towards general math and not necessarily engineering, I struggled.  I
literally took an engineering course in mechanics and a high level calculus
class with the exact same theory being explained, albeit in a different
manner, and understood one easily and the other was a pain in my ass.

You can do it, if you want to.  If you really are not interested in it, or
are just attracted by the image of engineering, you may not get through it.
You are the only one who can make that decision.  A few "counselors" said I
should give up on engineering as well.  I thought wow, how supportive.  Why
don't I go into something that everyone else is doing so I can reduce my
future options.

You should also look into Co-Op if your college has this program.  I did a
quick Google search and found the average starting salary for an EE is about
$50k.  Fresh out of college that will feel like a million bucks. :)


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Sounds to me like you don't want to be an engineer. So don't do it.
besides that, the job market for engineering sucks. Every foriegn
student from abroad is becoming one, or already is. So the entire
market is a bit more than saturated.

However, car repair is a nice avenue... See, most old mechanics don't
know modern car electronics, and HATE ODB-II control systems, and
related components. However, if car repair is something you want to
do, and you're already familiar and comfortable with these systems,
you could really take that kind of a carrier by storm. Especially if
as we start to seek out and utilize alternative (to gasoline) fuels,
if you're experienced in these areas.

See if there is something simular to do in college, since you're
already there. Otherwise, don't enter into a career based around a
subject that you are not all that fond of. You'll be miserable the
rest of your life, and frustrated every day you show up for work.


--- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "Josh Porter" <joshp1986@xxxx> wrote:
> I know that math is something that I will always need to know but
> Engineering is all math. I can do math but it is not my favorite
> subject. My dad told me to think. If all the careers paid the same,
> what would I want to be doing right now? Working on old cars. Now I
> know that I don't know much about DeLoreans because they are a
> different car then any other that I have worked on. I also had the
> right tools needed for the job.
> Josh

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