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I've listened to the viewpoints of those in favor of the new system with
as open of a mind as I can have, but still can't convince myself that
the whole change doesn't betray the initial impetus behind the group's

I honestly think that the "many" that Ryan references below don't
actually outweigh the "few" by as much as some might have us believe.  I
think the polls on the subject were incomplete at best, as they did not
address by what rules the offense would be identified (i.e. what,
specifically, counts as political, religious?) or by whom it would be
identified as such.  Incidentally, they did not mention the creation of
a body of "moderators" with administrative control over the group members.

I applaud the moderators for making all administrative actions public,
but it's ironic how it only seems to underscore the pettiness of the
whole process.

I had an off-list discussion with Dave about the subject before the
recent administrative change, and he seemed to be cooperative and to
want to resolve the matter intelligently.  I have not talked directly to
Ryan or Greg about anything, but you both seem very smart and logical.
I'm just not sure what makes the three of you so intolerant of what you
don't like to hear to the point of whining, and then near-despotic
control in the guise of a mandate from the majority.  It's cliche, but I
believe in the whole "catching more flies with honey" adage, and this
moderator situation smells like a big steaming bowl of vinegar to me.

Your almost immediate banning of Marc (for a violation not addressed in
the polls, by the way) *seemed* very transparent and self-serving.  I'm
not claiming any foul play here, I do think it smells a little funny,
for what I think are obvious reasons.

Really, I think what happens here on this forum affects us all very
little in the end.  I happen to enjoy this particular discussion because
it makes me think hard about the politics of the group and what I
believe to be its best strategy for self-government.  Thank you all for
letting me opine and for responding civilly.  I welcome your thoughts.

Jon Heese

Ryan Wright wrote:
> On 10/5/05, timnagin <timnagin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>For example, when several people on the list start screaming back
>>at someone to please stop and they don't, that is probably past the point.
> This is, basically, why we are now enforcing a few rules around here.
> To ensure the few don't ruin it for the many. This is also why we've
> chosen to make moderator actions public. Not to embarass individuals
> or "flex our muscle", but to ensure we ourselves don't ruin it for the
> many. It holds us to some level of accountability.
> -Ryan

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