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Re: [DMCForum] Re: The Church all give away their money for good purposes?

The catholic church has an awful lot of money for all
sorts of things.  The Vatican has got to be in the top
10 wealthy entities in the world.

Do you have any photos of your church Ryan?  Any
expensive stained glass? maybe a huge pipe organ? hand
carved wood furniture??  This is what I have seen in
the churches I have been to.  I don't see how any of
it is to help the poor.  The money you give to the
church goes to pay for all of that crap.  Maybe a
nickle out of every dollar *MAY* get to some charity.

My experience with religious charity has been that it
always comes with a price...  You have to allow
yourself to be preached to.  If I was starving in some
third world country, I would probably go to church and
pray to Jesus for food too.

And, I have it worse.  Because I was born Jewish, I
have to hear it from them too.  YOU DON'T!  (It is
against the Jewish religion to try and convert
non-Jews, but it is OK to try and make a Jew a "better

I see CoS is starting to work this way too.  Good old
John Travolta was down in the gulf giving "assists" to
people effected by Katrina.  I guess the formula

--- Ryan Wright <ryanpwright@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> You must understand, Bob: This is not the way things
> are supposed to
> be. That church is NOT following the teachings of
> the Bible!
> Here's the problem as I see it: There are lots of
> examples of
> religious people who say, "I believe and follow the
> Bible!", but they
> are liars and hypocrites. People who are not
> religious see this and
> they say to themselves, "Screw religion. I don't
> want to be associated
> with these people."
> And I don't blame you, because I wouldn't want to be
> associated with
> them, either. However, I believe the Bible is real,
> and I try to
> follow the teachings of Jesus Christ that are found
> within it's pages.
> That doesn't mean I'm perfect or that I always
> succeed; I screw up
> regularly just like everyone else. But the point is
> I'm not blindly
> ignoring my holy book: There are millions of
> Christians just like me
> who would not have turned our backs on your aunt. I
> know of a lot of
> churches that regularly help people like this.
> Don't discount Christians entirely because there are
> a lot of bad
> apples. If you look, you can find examples of good
> Christian works all
> over the globe.
> -Ryan

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