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Re: [DMCForum] Re: Buying different eggs

On 9/19/05, Bob Brandys <BobB@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Now, I could go to Jewel and spend  $2.00 for eggs.   and waste $1.25
> per week.  or $75 per year and  NOT TO GET PREACHED AT.   But that
> would be stupid and irresponsible for my family.

Did you ever stop to think the religious people are doing you a favor?

No, really. They're selling their eggs for a hell of a lot less than
everyone else. Why? Well, probably because they aren't greedy
corporate SOBs trying to make an extra buck. They make just enough to
run their operation with a small profit and they price their eggs

> Religious people have no right to slap a religious label on things I
> buy.  

So, here's how this would go down if you tried to enforce it:

1. Religious people sell the eggs cheap because they're nice people.
2. They put bible verses on the box because, well, they have that right.
3. People like you get pissed and pass a law saying you can't sell
products with Bible verses on them.
4. The religious people making your cheap eggs have been beaten.
They've spent what little money they had on lawyers trying to fight
this, and now they're bankrupt.
5. Congratulations to you. Now you can't buy 75 cent eggs anywhere
because the nice people who sold them to you so cheap are not at all
interested in doing so after being taken to the cleaners. So your eggs
are all $2.00 from big corporate interests who won't harass you with
relgious messages but will milk every last stinking penny out of you.

You win, but you lose.

Still want to go down this road? Why don't you quit bitching about
your eggs and be happy someone is willing to even provide them to you
at such a low price in the first place? You know if normal eggs are
$2.00 they could easily sell these for $1.50 and double their profits.
But they don't. I wonder why that is?


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