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Re: [DMCForum] Re: Plug-in Hybrid.


> The air conditioning system on a hybrid car is driven off of the
> accessory belt in a hybrid car, which is in turn driven by the engine
> itself.

This is no longer the case. The 2004 and later Prius runs the a/c
compressor with a small electric motor; other hybrids will likely move
to this as well (if they haven't already).

> So if you drive a Hybrid vehicle, and run the A/C, the hybrid functions
> of said vehicle are automaticly disabled, and it is moved by the
> engine. Thus, they are not feasable vehicles. You need A/C to cool, and
> to defrost in cold/humid climates. And hybrid engines do not get as
> good gas milage, as their counterparts used in non-hybrid cars. Don't
> know the figures for Toyota, but I have seen on the news where the
> Honda Insight gets worse gas milage than a Civic DX in this senario.
> Hybrid cars: Still not the solution to our problems.

It seems as if you don't know a lot about hybrids; your statements are
silly and untrue.

Modern hybrid vehicles are moved by both the gas and electric engines,
automatically adjusting the input of each depending on requirements
and available electric power. Just because the engine is running does
not mean the hybrid functions are "disabled". The gas engines are
tiny; they use very little fuel and have very little power. The
electric engines assist in acceleration, hill climbing, etc. The
"hybrid functions" are never disabled.



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