[DMCForum] Re: Wholesale DeLorean slaughter (Was: Glove Box problems)
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[DMCForum] Re: Wholesale DeLorean slaughter (Was: Glove Box problems)

I never said not to buy the car. I wouldn't say that because that's
the surest way to goad you into buying one.

I know you're close to purchase. I hope you do get one soon. It'll
either beat you or make you smarter, plain and simple.

The reason I said what I said about you, is because you have a
written history demonstrating your immaturity and impatience on the
DML and the Forum. I'll dig through the archives if I have to to
find it for you.

Don't bother bragging to me about your "friend of a friend of a
friend" who touched a DeLorean 19 years ago and now all of a sudden
he's the expert who's going to bail you out when you're taking a
ball-peen hammer to your car.

As far as I'm concerned, when you ask on the DML "Should I buy the
manuals or buy the car?" you're just confirming my opinion. I
recommened that you buy the manuals over a month ago so you could
read and learn while you save for the car.

Josh, I'm telling you: Buy the car. Go for it. I hope you do. I'm
glad you have a truck as a second vehicle. That's wise at least. I
don't care if you make it to Chicago or not. It's your track record
after buying the car that'll interest me. In my opinion, anyone who
abuses prescription drugs just so he can do his homework every day
isn't long for this world anyway.

--- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "Nun Yah" <joshp1986@xxxx> wrote:
> Rich,
> For one I know that a DeLorean has an internal combustion engine
> all of internal combustion engines are the same basic consept but
> laid out differently. Two, I have a buddy who owns a Volvo shop
> told me he worked on a DeLorean back in the late 80's so I am sure
> that he will help if I need any help. The pounding something into
> anthill,uhh I was talking about the German car. To me DeLoreans
> like.. Lambos you ding one you should be exhiled to Greenland.
> I take an automotive class and am learning alot about cars. I know
> am not anywhere close to knowing as much as some people on this
> but for someone comming from my background at my age I'm doing
> well.
> I already know the answers to your examples of the questions I
> be asking. But it's the kind of knowledge to where I have to show
> not explain you. In other words I don't know how to explain it.
> Call me slow in the head or whatever you want to call it but it
> sounds like you don't want me to have a DeLorean because I am me.
> you know what a DeLorean is? A CAR!! Get some metal and plastic
> there you go. I will say that it is the coolest car but it is
still a
> car when we die it dosn't matter and they will all rot eventually.
> I understand of where you are coming from. But I have the freedom
> buying any car I want it's my money and I will spend however I
> please. It may be a mistake and it may not.You don't know the car
> I am looking at and you don't know me or my skills. I realize that
> DeLorean will be in my driveway broken alot but it will be my car.
> chose that, that's why I have a truck.
> I like constructive critizism but not destructive. It's like
> a porcupine you rub it the right way and it dosn;t hurt but you
> the wrong way and it hurts.
> Don't tell me I can't buy anything because I don't ask the right
> questions! You can suggest them but you are not my mom nor dad so
> don't boss me around.
> By the way Rich I am already on Ritalin.  Was that remark supposed
> be offensive? I take it to stay awake in class not to calm me
> Do you homework on stuff before you start an arguement with
>  See you in Chicago in 06 Rich.
>             -Josh

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