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Re: [DMCForum] Atheists for Jesus

> That is, unless I
missed your point?

You missed my point.  You can touch the car, and within a
limited frame of reference you can call that tangible.  But
you cannot apply that same standard of reference to
yourself.  Is your mind tangible?  Everything you know is
either thru instinct or you learned it thru your senses.
But you can't get far enough away from yourself to
understand what you really are.  Unless you understand what
the thought process is and how it works and how you can
create a copy of your mind from scratch (not by the sexual
reproduction method) so that you can analyze it and improve
on it then you have nothing tangible.  You can rebuild your
car.  Why not do it with your mind?  You can't because these
things are (apparently) not within the reach of your
understanding.  You are stuck within a set of rules from
which you cannot escape.  These are rules that you do not
hardly begin to understand.  Yet this doesn't seem to bother
you.  Every day you go to work, to church, watch television,
pay your taxes (how did Agent Smith say that in The Matrix?)
And still you call some things tangible.  For me NOTHING is
tangible.  Science is flawed.  I go on faith.

If I am wrong about this Jesus thing then I lost nothing.
Sure, I lived a "good" life.  I missed out on several forms
of sin, worldly pleasures, etc.  Oh boo-hoo.  But if I
choose not to believe in God and I was wrong.... ooops... oh
shit, I get to live the rest of eternity in hell.  That's
not for me.  Missing out on some worldly pleasures is a fine
gamble to take.  I'll choose to believe in this Christianity
thing.  Even if I saw no proof from God that He exists, the
devil has given me plenty of "tangible" proof to support my
belief.  I have been in situations where things fly off of
walls.  I have been physically assaulted by demons.  I have
spoke with them.  I have no doubt who these beings were.
Dealing with demonically possessed people is not a fun thing
to do.

I could go on, but I think I have done a fine enough job of
convincing everyone I am a lunatic. :-)

God bless, (don't ya love that?)
Brother Walt

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