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New Magazine

I held off additional comment until I actually saw the new DeLoreans
"magazine". My issue came late because I moved recently and it was
initially sent to my old address (Postmarked October 10, then again
October 25). The letter included from Stephen Wynne (dated September
15, almost a month before the postmark) reads "Your comments and
suggestions are welcomed, and we look forward to hearing from you." I
don't see why Stephen would mind me sharing my comments in public (I am
good at self embarrassment).


In this premiere issue, I would estimate that more than 50% of the page
space were advertisements for DMC Houston. The rest of the "articles"
were more like info-mercials for DMC Houston..  

The "NEWS" section is about Ace Underhill. Many of us old-times
remember Ace Underhill when he lived in the Phoenix area, not far from
James Espey (Employee of DMC Houston now). The article in "DeLoreans"
talks about how Ace purchased a restored DeLorean from DMCHouston, and
had it shipped to Costa Rica! I believe Costa Rica is also where James
now calls home. On the next page we learn that Ace works for a on-line
gambling web site. I believe someone else we know is also involved in
online gambling based in Costa Rica. Sounds fishy to me. This "article"
about Ace Underhill *SEEMS* more like a shill.  

90-second tech tip on how to replace the armrest cap?? Is there anyone
out there that needs to read how to do this? More likely to just put
the idea in our heads that we should consider replacing this warn part
on our cars.. and OH! how convenient, the source for the part is listed
right under the article. Can anyone guess where we should buy the part
from? (and, mine just happens to be cracked.. I guess I better get on
the phone to order one!)

Then we have a one page-er on how terrible the Yahoo map service is.
Apparently Anthony does not like that Yahoo-Maps does not keep track of
road conditions and construction on the hundreds of thousands of miles
of highway in the united states. While I can't fault the guy for taking
the opportunity to stand on his soap box (hey, I am doing it now) I
don't see what this all has to do with DeLoreans, how is this at all
related? I do like his comment "...I'm paying absolutely nothing for
this service, and I'm getting exactly what I pay for.", Maybe I would
feel the same way about DeLoreans magazine if they were not trying to
charge the DeLorean community for a glossy pamphlet of advertisements.

The center of the magazine contains the only true and relevant "article"
in it. Ryan McCaffrey does a good job of telling the reader about his
adventures in Belfast. Having been there with Ryan, I compliment him on
his article and excellent writing style. I just wonder why we did not
read about him purchasing a set of lowering springs while at the trade
show in Belfast from a vendor other than DMC Houston?? Did "Jake"
remove this part of the story? And who is Jake Elwood?? And what a
coincidence his initials are "JE" :)

We continue on to read about a nice DeLorean poster, of course you can
purchase one of these "exclusively from DeLorean Motor Company."
(Houston). Then another 2 page infomercial with "tech tips", with a
highlighted box on "where to buy" the parts for the projects. Do I need
to even mention where you should buy from?

If I am correct (that there is something fishy going on), that would all
be OK as long as this "magazine" was not being marketed as a magazine
geared to serve the DeLorean community. IMHO, it is nothing more than a
advertisement tool. If you want to pay a yearly subscription for it, go
right ahead. My real concern is the majority of the DeLorean owners (or
people considering DeLorean ownership) who are misinformed about who the
players are, and what they are capable of. Without knowing that
"DeLoreans" is solely sponsored by a single vendor and published by that
same vendor, a reader is lead to believe that "De Lorean Motor Company"
(Houston) is the only place they can call for professional assistance
and parts for their car. Again, this is not appropriate for a
publication that is marketed as a magazine (with a subscription fee) to
service DeLorean owners and enthusiasts.

Why is it necessary to lower the DeLorean marquee to the same level as
floor cleaners, exercise machines, and car wax that are so bad they
require a half-hour television program to sell to insomniacs. And even
those programs have disclaimers throughout the program so the viewer
KNOWS they are just watching a long commercial, even though it is set up
to look like a legitimate talk show or informational program.

In defense of DMC Houston, the front cover of the magazine does state it
is the official magazine of "De Lorean Motor Company". Do we expect the
average DeLorean owner to know that this company in Houston is not the
same company that built our cars? I hope so.

I have no vendetta with DMC Houston, or James. I also have nothing to
sell myself. I point this out, because I have nothing to gain by making
these comments.

Maybe I will change my opinion when I see an article in DeLoreans
magazine that talks about how the Zilla products improve the safety and
reliability of the DeLorean... But who expects that to happen any time
soon?? Maybe it will now because I said something. :)

Suggestions to DMC Houston:

Don't try and dupe the DeLorean community in to paying a subscription
for your propaganda, it will have a negative impact on your credibility.
There is a obvious conflict of interest when a vendor tries to market a
magazine to serve owners and enthusiasts. The purpose of a business it
to make money (to serve itself, and it's investors) in a ETHICAL way.
This has always been the root of the anti-DOA crowd, frustrated with the
strong ties between DeLorean One and the DOA.  

And, while I am making a fool of myself on this soap box, Give Mr. John
Z. DeLorean his NAME and LOGO back. He is responsible for your
livelihood, and you should not "kick him when he is down".

Were you really "looking forward" to my comments and suggestions? :)


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