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Re: [DMCForum] Re: Going totally electric powered

So is the "battery" the superconducting waveguide itself, or a pair of 
superconducting waveguides rotating on an axis?

How do you input/output energy to/from this "battery"?

How do you keep the superconductor(s) cool?

I'm not touching the rest of it (black holes, deck of cards, etc).

Jon Heese

Walter Coe wrote:
>> Any ideas yet on what kind of statistics you'll be looking at when
> you're done (speeds, range, etc), or is this still very preliminary?
> I insist that it be able to freely spin wheels and shred tires if I
> stomp the pedal from a full stop.  I have always avoided more
> accidents using the steering & acceleration than with the brake & the
> horn.  Like my Tae Kwon Do teacher used to say, "The best defense is
> to just get out of the way  -- dont be there."  Amen.  As for top
> speed, I would rather that the speed rating of the tires be the
> limiting factor and not the ability of the rest of the car.  As for
> range, the limiting factor is how much hydrogen gas I can fit in a
> tank.
>> I'd
> be very interested in hearing more about these batteries of yours, if
> you are at liberty and/or willing to discuss them.
> I'll try to keep the explanation simple, but I dont expect it will
> make much sense anyway.  This technically isnt a battery, but it works
> like one.  It is more like a hydrogen fuel cell except that it doesnt
> make water when it runs.  Quite the opposite, really.  I cause a
> variety of charge/mass particle stream to run in a wave guide in a
> circle.  This is a superconducting wave guide, so once the particle
> stream is made to circulate within the wave guide then it keeps
> running until I sever the path.  It can store an enormous amount of
> energy in a small space this way.  With the stream circulating, the
> particles accelerate up to the speed of light.  This causes nature to
> adjust accordingly because mass particles do not get along well
> traveling at light speed.  The faster a mass particle moves, the
> heavier it gets and the longer it takes to decay (if it is an unstable
> isotope).  This is stuff that Albert Einstein already figured out.
> The particles also become foreshortened in the direction of travel
> making more room for a follow-the-leader circulation of these mass
> particles.  So the faster I spin up the stream, the more room within
> the stream there is for more particles.  But now there are mass
> particles moving at or near the speed of light, and that causes a
> peculiar time dilation field.  As time slows down within the particle
> stream, the effect bleeds to the outside.  You see, the entire device
> behaves as a macroscopic version of a single iron atomic nuclei.  And
> because it is so big, it "frame drags" everything that is close to it.
>  By frame dragging, I mean that because time is running slower within
> the device, it causes time outside of the device to also run just a
> speck slower.  Not enough to uncalibrate your wrist watch, but you
> could measure it with a very accurate atomic clock.  This also has a
> peculiar effect on Earth gravity and causes squirrely things to happen
> with electricity.  If your source of power is moving forward in time
> at a slower rate than your load, electricity appears to run backwards
> -- relatively speaking.
> Imagine that we have three DeLoreans each carrying a very accurate
> atomic clock, and these cars are all on a race track.  The first car
> is just parked on the shoulder idling.  The second car is traveling at
> 88mph.  The third car is traveling at 90mph.  Now change your
> perspective.  These are not actually cars on a race track.  Instead
> the race track simply represents a time line with the start line being
> time zero and the finish line being several minutes away.  The cars
> are not traveling at a rate of speed.  Instead the cars are all
> traveling forward in time at different rates.  Pretend that we are in
> the fastest moving car and looking at the behavior of the other two
> cars.  If our car is moving forward in time at a rate of 0.9 seconds
> per second and the other car is moving forward in time at a slower
> rate of 0.88 seconds per second then we have a bit of a contradiction.
>  If these were cars literally moving along a race track then from our
> perspective it would merely look like we are moving faster and away
> from the slower moving car.  If you neglect watching the road and the
> parked car and only watch the slower 88mph car then it looks like it
> is receding away from us even tho from its perspective it is happily
> moving along the road like nothing is amiss.  But change your
> perspective back to the time line race track, and you have a seeming
> contradiction.  If you are moving forward in time at a faster rate
> than the other car, then that slower moving car literally appears to
> be moving backward in time.  But that is impossible.  That would
> require that it disappear into the past -- quite a nasty
> contradiction.  We've all seen what happens when Marty goes back to
> 1955.
> Nature has an interesting way of dealing with this.  Nothing actually
> disappears into the past.  Instead from our perspective the slower car
> experiences Earth gravity in a relatively backwards fashion -- it
> weighs absolutely nothing while it is running -- less than if it were
> made of styrofoam.  And anything near it weighs nothing also up to a
> certain distance.  It squelches Earth gravity in the following way:
> The time dilation field spills out of the device neutralizing 100% of
> Earth gravity within its vicinity.  The stronger that the time
> dilation field is, the bigger the volume of the anti-gravity bubble
> that this device creates.  If I make the field big enough then an
> entire car can weigh nothing as well as the ground under it which can
> get a bit messy and disorientating.
> Once this anti-gravity field is predictable, stable and under control
> then some very nice things can be done with it.  Make two of these
> time dilation fields, put them against each other and spin them on a
> common axis, and you get an attractive source of gravity.  Here it
> gets a bit confusing because there are three types of gravity:  The
> first type to make is just the static field that tends to neutralize
> and frame drag other gravitational currents running thru it (i.e.
> Earth gravity).  Then put two sources of this time
> dilation/anti-gravity together and counter-rotate them about a common
> axis (in the proper directior), and that generates attractive gravity
> in the circulation's center.  So now I have explained two different
> types of gravity:  Neutral and attracting.  Here is some more about
> the attracting variety:  It causes ball lightning or literally a small
> star to appear about the axis of rotation.  Do this in a reaction
> vessel that is filled with compressed hydrogen gas, and the star will
> convert the mass of this hydrogen into usable electric power.  But
> this is not Cold Fusion.  That would be combining hydrogen nuclei to
> form helium -- a bit of a waste if you ask me.  Instead this does the
> exact opposite decaying the hydrogen nuclei into free electromotive
> force which is absorbed and back feeds into the equipment that
> generated the anti-gravity field in the first place.  As long as it is
> fed clean hydrogen then it converts the mass of it into electricity
> with no nuclear waste.  The worst that happens is that the rare
> naturally occurring isotope of hydrogen called deuterium leaves an
> extra neutron behind that doesnt really get along with the reaction
> because it spins opposite in time to the proton.  So it takes about
> 100 seconds for them to go away, and when they finally do the energy
> gets absorbed & used just like the decaying protons.  So nothing is
> wasted, and no pollution is generated.
> There is yet a third type of gravity.  Intuition would suggest that it
> must be a repelling sort of gravity, but that never happens.  Gravity
> never repels.  Instead this third type of gravity ignores mass
> particles and only attracts light.  That is what is going on inside of
> black holes.  They absorb light converting it into cold matter where
> it just sits out there in space until it either falls into a star or
> orbits it.  So then why does the sun bend light?  If the star sort of
> gravity reaction is only the sort that attracts matter and not light,
> then why does the sun bend light around it as per Albert Einstein's
> experiment back in the early 1900's?  The reason is because the sun
> contains black holes which fall into it.  And these are visible as sun
> spots.  But when they fall to earth, depending on the variety, they
> either look like UFO's or cause hurricanes.  The black holes in the
> sun are force-fed light which causes them to make lots of matter while
> the sun unwraps that matter turning it back into light in a give &
> take reaction that never never stops.  Time moves forward inside of
> stars and backwards inside of black holes.  This keeps the entire
> universe in perfect balance.  The universe as a whole is always at
> time zero because for every place in it where time moves forward,
> there is an equal sum of areas where time moves backwards.  We do not
> live in an expanding universe.  The red shift in the distant stars is
> not caused by any doppler effect.  Instead, the light from distant
> stars merely looses energy due to friction from passing black holes.
> Extrapolate this observation to subatomic particles and you solve
> everything.  Neutrons are not neutral at all.  They move forward in
> time converting a charge particle associated with the strong nuclear
> force into a free electron where it blows out like light does from a
> star.  Protons run backwards in time absorbing that once free electron
> and converting it back into a mass particle associated with the strong
> nuclear force.  Balance what the particles are doing, and you can
> predict everything that there is to know about the periodic table of
> elements.  A deck of cards is useful here.  Let the suit of Diamonds
> represent stars or neutrons.  Let Hearts represent animal life.  Let
> Clubs represent plant life.  Let Spades represent black holes or
> protons.  Now I have already explained the relationship between Spades
> & Diamonds which are blackholes & stars respectively.  Plant & animal
> life represent similar to teach us what is really going on in the
> universe.  Animals eat the plants converting a tiny amount of that
> mass into energy.  Then we radiate this energy as body heat -- infra
> red which is just another form of light.  So we are as walking stars.
> Plant life does the opposite.  Plants absorb the light converting the
> energy of each photon into a tiny amount of mass that is released
> again once we eat it and burn it in our bodies.  Sounds like I went
> way off on a tangent.  Anyway, consider that a single hydrogen nuclei
> is just 4 of these particles circulating in a vortex.  Helium has 20
> of them - one hydrogen in the center with another 4 pair at each
> corner.  Then you keep building from there until you map out the whole
> periodic table.
> All forces in the universe are simply three manifestations of the same
> unified force.  Each of these three forces are separately three
> dimensional.  Gravity is NOT one of these forces.  Any true force can
> repel as well as attract.  Gravity attracts but in two different ways.
>  One way attracts energy.  The other attracts matter.  So then what
> are the three forces?  Electricity, magnetism and time.  Now that's
> messed up!  Time itself is yet another three-dimensional force.  How
> could it be anything else?  This explains the mechanism of rational
> consciousness.  All of your memory is as a time line.  Time zero is
> your earliest memory, and the line extends into infinity.  Anywhere
> backwards on the line is your past.  Anywhere forward is your future.
> The present is always stuck in the middle.  You can always imagine way
> into the past or future because in your head you create your own
> personal reality, per se.  Not sure anymore.  You can never leave
> unless you are made to do so, and there is only one way that can
> happen.  Now just being aware of such a time line proves that rational
> thought involves more than one dimension of time, hence I submit this
> as proof that time itself is at least more than one-dimension or you
> are not a rational being.  That is the crux of string theory.  They
> keep trying to invent extra dimensions of space to explain things.
> Last I heard, they are up to 11 dimensions with one dimension of time.
>  No.  Wrong.  Electricity has 3 dimensions.  Magnetism has 3
> dimensions.  And time itself also has 3 dimensions.  Rational thought
> is timeless, and I am outtatime.
> All of this is a bit much and confusing and no body -- I mean nobody
> understands what I am trying to say.  And this isnt necessarily real.
> What is real?  Real is just a bunch of thoughts in your head.  I
> figured this out because I read a certain book and asked some really
> strange questions.  Found answers too.  Read the book of Revelation at
> Chapter 2 versus 26 thru 28.  I am in way over my head.  I just want
> an innocent way out of this mess.  It is just a hypothesis.  I dont
> dare call it a theory or a law.  I cant prove anything at this time.
> But I do expect to get my car to run fast & cheap.  Or at least I'll
> die trying.  Death is an acceptable outcome.  Life is all about pain &
> suffering.  I only want to escape this messed up reality or at least
> return to whatever it was before I ever experienced rational thought
> -- I just want the fire in my head to go away.  I am sick of it.
>> Oh, and... Welcome back. :)
> I dont expect to be able to stay for much longer.
>> We just
> need the working capital.
> Me too.  I'm basically out of money, but I have a rental house I may
> sell.  It is worth about $200K and I almost own it free & clear.  The
> problem is that if I sell it then the IRS will want me to file.  I
> haven't filed anything in the last several years.  Its too confusing
> even with a CPA in charge.  The last time I went in the hospital, my
> mom raided my house, went in my office and confiscated my book keeping
> thinking she could do it better than me.  I had to put my foot down
> and promise to leave her forever if she ever tries anything like that
> again.  I lost a lot of bills that way and had to pay extra for being
> late again as usual.  I might need to go back to the hospital soon,
> but they treat me really terrible there.  They get me agitated only so
> that they can bind my hands & feet and inject me with things that only
> make me sicker.  If they do that again I will only try my best to shut
> down and disappear however that may be possible.  Any alternate
> existence is better than this nightmare I live in.  I will not allow
> them to do that to me again whatever good they think they can do me.
> Basically what I need at this point is an electric motor & associated
> circuitry that can fit in a former automatic tranny DeLorean.  I could
> bolt up to the old tranny, but I would rather eliminate the tranny
> altogether.  I would like it to have the fossil fuel equivalent of
> about 300 horse power.  A bank of batteries as for a usual electric
> car would be very useful to regulate the output of this morning star
> reactor.  I need to come up with a way to convert a very high voltage
> output into something that is low voltage without getting into issues
> of dielectric breakdown & such.  It is way better to make a weak
> reaction & spin it up fast rather than a strong reaction spinning
> slowly.  The stronger the anti-gravity field, the more problems the
> car has while moving due to friction with Earth gravity.  Keep the
> field weak, the car weighs normal and then the effects are subtle and
> remain within the reaction vessel.  This sounds too much like Carl
> Tilley.  Yet another mysterious box that seems to generate free
> energy.  Just humor me, okay?  If you dont agree with what I say then
> just consider it a work of science fiction.  With my condition, it
> helps to fantisize a bit, no?  Humor, people!  Nobody can prove any of
> this anyway.  Please dont let them drug or tie me in the hospital
> anymore.  I absolutely will not cooperate that way.  The last doctor I
> saw tried to talk me into forgetting the conspiracy theories.
> Whatever...
>> Did you ever see the documentary "the great global warming swindle" ? It
> did an impressive job of debunking Al Gore's arguments.
> Never heard of it.  But then I dont get out much.  I just know that
> the environment is changing too rapidly whatever the cause.  I see a
> way to eliminate fossil fuel burning in a matter of a few years.  Then
> we wont have to find out who is right or wrong -- only what we have
> left if we make electricity absolutely free for everyone who is
> willing to behave & get along.  Power over nations.  Maybe I could get
> used to being a world dictator, but really, I just want a way out of
> this mess.
> If anyone wants to really help, get me in touch with Brian Green of
> Columbia University and my old physics professor from Hillsborough
> Community College, Mark Crane.  I am absolutely through trying to
> reach anyone for any reason except for some brain fart e-mails on this
> forum.  The more I try, the more I am accused of doing wrong.  So I
> will just try to keep quiet and hopefully the world will stop crashing
> down around me.  If either of those two guys want to talk (in person)
> about what I have said here then fine.  If they are not interested
> then that is fine too.   Sorry to name drop.  Otherwise I am sealed
> and not discussing anything more with anyone -- especially any
> government agencies.
> Walt
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