[DMCForum] Re: Inappropriate Car Show Behavior?
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[DMCForum] Re: Inappropriate Car Show Behavior?

Hello everyone that has been following this thread. Monte here, "Mr.
Evil" himself I guess, if you believe everything some have been
spreading about me. I feel you should hear my side of the story at the
very least to make this thread's sides complete. I don't really keep
up with this board due to a busy work schedule but I find it necessary
to give a comment. First I would like to thank those that can see
beyond the spin and have supported or at least kept an open mind to my
side of the incident.

I have had direct dealings with Mr. Moseley, which Mr. Moseley has
failed to remember or fails to admit. It is understandable, he does
deal with many customers and people in one day and can be easily
forgotten. These interactions led me to one opinion: That he is an
unreasonable man that I did not want to have anything to do with or be
affiliated with or appear to be affiliated with in any way. I'm sure
as long as you have product to buy from him or continue to offer him
assets to his business, he can seem to be very nice. Since I had
nothing to offer him, all interactions from him showed an attitude
from him where in his mind: He is right, you are wrong, and don't even
think of doing anything about it because everyone knows him and he is
a big celebrity of some sort. My opinion of him was the reason I did
not want any of my pictures to be displayed on his site and whether it
be a tribute or not it violated the copyright laws of these great
United States. Odd that this "tribute" had a direct link to his part
sales pages.

I really don't sell BTTF parts for profit, and I do not use my car for
profit either. Most parts that I have sold were first generation parts
that I replaced with original or improved replica parts or they were
leftover materials that had to be purchased as a whole to get the
required amount for myself. Unlike Mr. Moseley that builds parts
solely for the purpose of reselling them as a part of his business. 

It appears to me at least that he has some sort of Gary Weaver
fixation, where when anyone disagrees with him or tries to call him
out on anything, he believes that Gary had a part in it or was behind
the scenes choreographing it. It appears to be quite a paranoia. Gary
in no way had to do with my decisions regarding Mr. Moseley.

My response at the show when confronted by Mr. Moseley was in my mind
the most appropriate response I could give which was actually a
non-response, or not acknowledging his very existence. This was about
as much consideration he had given me towards the requested removal of
said pictures. 

Throughout the entire show I said a total of 14 words to him: "Yep."
when he asked me if I was Monte, and while he was harassing me (while
filming) I paraphrased his email response to me regarding my request
to remove the pics: "Don't be Gary's bitch. It's my site. I'll do what
I want to." Nothing else was said from me to him. Especially, no
threats were ever said from me about him to anyone. 

The stickers were intended for Mr. Moseley's eyes only. Hence the
small size and placement. My intention was to not point them out or to
make their presence known to anyone except Mr. Moseley and a few very
close friends. Before Mr. Moseley decided to advertise their
existence, only one stranger had noticed them and upon a question to
their reason, my response was a simple indifferent: "It's a personal
thing." If it was not for Mr. Moseley informing many people of their
placement, maybe 3-4 people might have noticed the stickers in total.
A good analogy would be as if I came up and discreetly whispered the
phrase into his ear and then him promptly running up to the podium
microphone and letting everyone know what I said. It is this pattern
of short temper and hasty retort that makes him his own worst enemy.

My only regret is that such an incident had to happen before Mr.
Moseley would finally comply with my simple request and a more
diplomatic route could not be achieved due to his skewed philosophy. 

If Mr. Moseley did decide to file a suit, it might be a good idea to
have said lawyer study the Digital Millennium Copyright Act so that he
may be prepared to defend against any possible counter-suit if such
unnecessary drastic measures were sought.

>In fact, that's what you ought to do. Go out, have a beer and laugh
>about it. Since Bob apparently sucks cock, maybe he can bend over and
>give Monty a killer blow job while Monty defaces Bob's naked ass with
>an entire stack of jumbo sized Post-It's. I'll buy the beer, Bob's
>wife can film the festivities, and we'll all have a good time.
> -Ryan Wright

Oh my god , I must have laughed for a good 15 minutes. Thanks. It's
good to see someone with a sense of humor on the subject.

Please remember, there is a reason why Mr. Moseley made the most
amount of money at the dunking booth.

Let's all please get back to the more important stuff like tech talk
and the such.
Thank you for your time.

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