RE: [DMCForum] Re: Inappropriate Car Show Behavior?
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RE: [DMCForum] Re: Inappropriate Car Show Behavior?

Before you put your foot in your mouth keep in mind that I have saved every 
email you and I
have ever had in a folder, including the one where you explain to me that 
building my website
was the "last straw", etc....
I am not going to bore all these people with this, but I think that when I 
have time I will
post on my website the complete timeline and archive of letters for review.
I don't think anyone but you and I cares about any of this, and these petty
arguments are not the point.
The point is how things are handled in a public forum, and how Monte
was inappropriate.
You however were just an a bystander in all this, but you obviously condoned 
and that is why I am disappointed in you.
I thought you had more class than that.
When one of my "friends" does something wrong, I won't just take his side
because we are friends, I will help guide him to do the right thing.
- VB

>From: "Gary Weaver II" <gary@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Reply-To: DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>To: DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Subject: [DMCForum] Re: Inappropriate Car Show Behavior?
>Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2006 14:59:51 -0000
>And as usual, the revisionist history at play is so WRONG its not
>even worth commentary. However, I will give everyone here just a
>small primer in chronological time.
>Robert was banned in October of 2004.
>He created his website in November of 2004.
>If what Robert said below were actually true, with powers of
>forsight like that I should play the stock market :)
>--- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "Videobob Moseley" <videobob@...>
> >
> > Some of you need a little background on the subject.
> > It all started on Gary Weaver's BTTF website.
> > When he first started it, I was one of the very first posters on
> > My first post was to advertise one of my license plate
>reproductions in his
> > "for sale" section. Little did I know that I beat Gary to the
>punch on his
> > own
> > website because he was going to offer the same plate for twice the
> > He wasn't happy about that.
> > My first black mark.
> >
> > Next enters Bruce C. who is a known prop builder, I admit I used
>one of his
> > photos as a template for building my own version of the prop.
> > I respected his work so much that I figured his reproduction would
> > an exact replica of the original, what I didn't know is that his
>replica was
> > nothing close to the original!
> > I got a lashing for not doing my own research and for copying
> > I admit it, it was a mistake, and it never happened again.
> > (I now only use movie stills or research I did at Universal
>Studios myself.)
> > Second black mark.....not looking good to Gary.
> >
> > Then, after months of frustration with getting zero help from
>Gary, Bruce
> > or any one else in his clan I decided to make my own website, do
>my own
> > research
> > and share it with the fans. In the past Gary would never reveal
> > information
> > like part numbers or sources for parts.
> > He would SELL you the part, if he LIKED you.
> > I circumvented him by posting on my site all the "secrets" to what
> > stuff was
> > and where to get it, along with offering the completed props a lot
> > than
> > anyone else did.
> > Strike three, I'm out.
> >
> > When Gary saw this he kicked me off his website.
> > Of course I just signed up under an alias to monitor what he was
> > as of course what he did to me.
> >
> > Enter Monte.
> > On my site I have an archive of everyone who has made a replica
>(to my
> > knowledge)
> > Monte's car and photos of it where on this list.
> > Now since Monte bought most all of his stuff from Gary and Bruce
> > loyalties are with them.
> > He asked me not to make mention of him on my site.
> > I told him to "think for yourself" effectively and I refused.
> > That was the extent of our communication.
> >
> > Fast forward to this weekend.
> > I see Monte and his car and I approach him and introduce myself
>with a smile
> > and
> > an outstretched hand....he is quite rude to me.
> > While examining his car I see little stickers hidden on it that
>say things
> > like,
> > "Videobob sucks dick", "Videobob is a thief", "Don't buy from
> > Videobob"....etc.
> > So I asked him to remove them and he refused.
> > ....long story short, this is how it all started.
> > All over nothing.
> >
> > I don't think that I am over reacting.
> > I don't think this is appropriate behavior in public place, many
>people were
> > taking
> > photos of the cars and this is slanderous, libelous and just
> > If anyone looks like an "asshole" it is Monte.
> >
> > This type of personal beef should be kept off the floor of the
> > I don't bring my problems to the show, and neither should anyone
> > - Videobob
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > >From: "timnagin" <timnagin@...>
> > >Reply-To: DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> > >To: <DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> > >Subject: RE: [DMCForum] Re: Inappropriate Car Show Behavior?
> > >Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2006 09:35:23 -0400
> > >
> > >As I said before, we wouldn't even be talking about this if VB
> > >brought it up.  Look at the link I posted with the picture of the
>car and
> > >try to find that massive banner in discussion.
> > >
> > >My understanding, and Gary or anyone else please correct me if I
>am wrong
> > >here, is this is a very fine line to walk when recreating these
>parts since
> > >Universal owns the rights to the BTTF stuff.
> > >
> > >If someone started mass producing these parts and selling them
>publicly for
> > >profit they may step in and put a halt to this.  If that happens
> > >are
> > >we will never see another one of these converted cars unless
>someone pays
> > >for the rights or is able to make an agreement with Universal.
>That could
> > >also mean the currently converted cars could be confiscated.
>Barris did
> > >that to at least one fan-created Batmobile.
> > >
> > >I would one day like to build one of these cars and if that was
> > >by
> > >a few people seeking to make a profit and pissing off Universal
>then I will
> > >be pissed.  Again, someone please correct me if I am wrong about
>the rights
> > >and usage here.
> > >
> > >How would you feel if after a lot of hard work and research to
> > >something, someone else copied it and sold it?  They didn't have
>to do
> > >anything but take yours apart and reproduce it where you may have
>months if
> > >not years of work, time and money invested.  I don't think the
>actions of a
> > >few, or one, represent an entire community.
> > >
> > >Greg
> > >
> > >
> > >
> > >
> > >-----Original Message-----
> > >From: DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
>On Behalf
> > >Of Avi Sarfaraz
> > >Sent: Monday, June 19, 2006 1:58 AM
> > >To: DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> > >Subject: Re: [DMCForum] Re: Inappropriate Car Show Behavior?
> > >
> > >You guys do realize this is all very childish.
> > >
> > >I dont speak up often, one of reasons being I dont own a DeLorean
> > >
> > >BTTF props are cute, emphasis CUTE. I havent met anyone "big
>name" but Ken,
> > >and Ken is a very cool, very nice man who I have had the pleasure
>to meet
> > >here in MN.
> > >
> > >Props business, must be very competitive, because you have a
>niche product
> > >which only 1 of 1000 will ever care to buy from you. If your
>going to sell
> > >to contemporaries then what you need to do, is copyright your
>products, and
> > >have a nice legal disclaimer by buying it they may not tamper
>with it, or
> > >reproudce it or sell it, you guys seem to work to much
> > >on a personal level and not on a professional business level,
>where if
> > >someone is going to copy your design, then you slap him with a
>lawsuit and
> > >take him out of busines, the good ol american way that I am so
>very fond
> > > threats, just evidence, and a letter telling them to
>report to
> > >court.
> > >
> > >I dont know the details of it but if you restrict the ability to
>allow for
> > >copyright infringement or replication of your products, and dont
>have the
> > >smarts to remove them in the first place......then you deserve
>what you
> > >get.
> > >Im not saying I know it all, but im saying you guys can
>definately setup
> > >countermeasures for the type of bs you guys are talking about.
> > >
> > >If there are threats made, then well, its unacceptable, if you
>want to
> > >settle it, take it to your local boxing ring. If you want to
>settle it like
> > >businessmen - you are businessmen right? - you know...professional
> > >businessmen, who have morals and whatnot? Then settle it like
> > >gentlemen...Slander is bad for everyone, I dont think I'd buy
>from anyone
> > >of
> > >you guys for that sort of behavior...
> > >
> > >You should all be ashamed for the childish behavior you guys have
> > >brought to a head, you make the whole community look like a bunch
> > >assholes
> > >
> >

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