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[DMCForum] Re: Inappropriate Car Show Behavior?

Good afternoon everyone.  I trust everyone is making their way home and
nicely rested from an interesting 2006 DCS. I certainly know I will not
forget it for some time.

I'd like to thank people for bringing this message to my attention late
in the day Saturday evening. It certainly explained a great many things
about a conversation I had with Ken earlier that day regarding this

I hope that I can indulge everyone's attention for just a few moments
here. What I have to say may get a little wordy (that would be an
understatement). However, considering the statements made below and
Robert's behaviour at the DCS, I think a reply is beyond warranted -
it's absolutely necessary. I do honestly believe Monte will not be
responding to these allegations, nor would I blame him for not giving
them any credibility by responding. However, I'm not Monte and I WILL
take the time to give the "democratic response".

First off - lets get something out in the complete open - YES, there
were some stickers on Montes car which had some "more than colorful"
commentary directed to Robert. We'll get to that more later.

To be honest, I really don't understand why I was brought into this post
at all, but the stuff said below is simply not true. It certainly SEEMS
true in Robert's little world, but the reality is greatly different.

1. Robert was NOT banned from BTTFParts.com for making his website.
Robert was actually banned BEFORE his site was even created for flat out
lying about items I had sold him just to as he put it "see how I felt to
be attacked for no reason". A quick search on Google can find the cached
announcement from me dated October 29th, 2004.\

Robert's site came active on or around November 3, 2004.

In fact, Robert's site was threatened against me for weeks leading up to
it's actually coming live on the internet. The argument could easily be
made that it was being blackmailed against me to reinstate full
membership privilages to Bob on my site at the time.  Bob had already
had a restricted membership which forbade him from selling ANYTHING on
my website due to issues with his taking data and design work from other
BTTFParts.com members to create his own competing products - Again, its
a long story.

As you can see, he is still not a member at BTTFParts and his site is
still up. That should tell you where those discussions went :)

2. There is only ONE person I refuse to sell to - he also happens to be
the only person to EVER be pernanently banned from my website. That's
Robert - end of story. That statement that I will not sell to you if you
have purchased other vendors parts is a complete and total fabrication.

3. The goal of my website is NOT to hoard information or somehow control
the flow of information regarding the BTTF Time Machine. My site from is
very start has been a showcase and discussion forum about building these
vehicles. I personally have not had much to post in the last two years
ONLY because I did not have a conversion in progress at the time - that
is no longer the case and I am trying to post infomation as I can. Most
of the time my ability to post is limited to agreements I made with
various information sources who have shared the infomation with ME alone
and I respect their wishes to keep that infomation confidential until
THEY approve of my posting it. Robert has known this from day one yet he
continues to promote the argument that I'm manipulating the hobby as
some sort of bizarre puppet master over all things Back to the Future.

Enough with me and my issues in life :) If you're still reading you're
probably hoping for some dirt from this weekends events.

That part starts now.

I am loathe to speak about it since I'm only involved in an associative
manner, but you all deserve the FACTS of the matter. Not the Robert
Mosley spin which was delivered to you all yesterday.

In September of 2005 Robert created profiles of various builders and
their cars on his website. My car was shown as one of the features.
Since his banning I have had ONE request of Robert - keep any and ALL
references to me, my site, and my efforts OFF his website. Its a request
Robert has either been unable or unwilling to do. There is a long
history of his taking jabs and potshots at both myself and my website.
When these events happen I would usually respond in a fashion through
private e-mail to Robert or on my website. At that time the comments are
usually removed/edited in short order so Robert is no longer sitting
there with egg on his face. Again, this is a whole nother issue and not
too revelant to the DCS events - sorry.

Once I saw my profile, I e-mailed Robert to remove my images and write
up from his site. He initally refused that request. Only after
requesting again did he remove the images -AND- come back to me begging
for me to now sell him some components since he complied with my
perfectly justified and legitimate request. I declined, again.

In taking care of this issue it came to light that he also had a write
up on Monte on his site.

I think its safe to say that prior to this weekend not many of you had
heard of Monte Chomos. He has kept a relativly low profile while working
on his time machine conversion. I'm grateful for the help he has given
ME over the years on doing these cars. Infact, if I had one singular
influence over the years it would have been him. I was quite suprised
when Monte chose to share his progress with the MEMBERS of my site last
year. Its this fact that makes things more interesting and finally gets
us all to the heart of this matter.

The major content on my site is accessible to approved members only.  As
I made clear earlier in this sordid affair, Robert is BANNED from my
website. However, even I am not omnipitent and Robert has reapplied
under an account I have no way to track (believe me, it sucks). As such
he has access to images that are hosted EXCLUSIVLY on my website.  THIS
is how Robert got the images for his write ups. Since I considered the
image inapproriately taken from my site (additionally,  I asked Monted
about the issue and he agreed)- I asked Robert to take them down and
told him this exact reason. His response? - "I don't take third party

He informed me that Monte would have to ask him to take down the images.
I forwarded this info to Monte and at that point Monte asked Robert to
take the pictures down. Bob refused to do so.

Now lets hop in our Delorean and set the time circuits to this past
weekend. Once I finally made it to Pheasant Run, I went to look up
friends who I knew would be there. I actually didn't see the stickers
until a good 10-25 minutes of looking at the car. In talking with Monte,
the stickers served a dual purpose. First was to cover sensitive part
numbers that he did not want Robert to see or catalog. Secondly, they
were to show his exact feelings about/towards Robert concering his
actions, website, and behaviour speficically regarding those images so
many months before.

Believe me folks, these stickers were NOT all out in the open. They were
probably 1/2" by 1 1/2". The first two were tucked away on the rear
engine deck and the other two were located in the interior on two red
component (nether location was very direct unless you KNEW where to
look). Infact, I don't think Robert even realized they were there until
he started to review all the detail shots he took of Monte's car which
he took before he realized Monte was around. In that way I suppose the
stickers served their immediate purpose.

I don't condone the language used on one or two of the stickers (it was
the same on two). However,  I am NOT Monte's keeper and this was HIS
car. He can do as he pleases and make whatever commentary in public he
desires - not matter how Juvenile some may think it is. At the end of
the day Monte is merely another Delorean owner who just happens to be a
member of my website.

Alright folks - here comes the good stuff. Please keep up just a little
longer. I promise.

Friday afternoon we got Montes car in the main building for the show. A
while later Robert comes up to Monte and I with his female associate.
After a typical faux-friendly hello Robert immediately downshifted and
started making threats and statements about the stickers. After 2 years
of this I'm quite used to it, but it was intersting seeing it in real
life vs. e-mail.

It is IMPERATIVE to note that Monte was completely IGNORING Robert. I
can't recall if Monte said ANYTHING at this point. I can assure you that
NOTHING was said about physical threats or vandalism of Robert's car
(which he didn't even bring to the show - so where did that come from?).
Just wanting to get Robert out of our hair I told him that perhaps he
should have simply removed those images last year and this could have
all been avoided.  Monte was STILL silent.

At this point (and a few statements regarding our sexual orientation
from his female associate), Robet stormed off stating something about
how Monte would not be there by the end of the day.

We went on about our business and decided to make our way to a table to
relax and get a drink. I was walking over with Monte and we got split up
near some of the custom Deloreans. Once I realized we got seperated I
tured around to see quite the sight.

Robert was hovering behind Monte no more than 3 or 4 inches away from
him while his female associate was FILMING him. I made haste to get
Monte out of the situation. As we were walking away Monte told me that
Robert was actually trying to get him to go outsite and handle the
situation with and STREET FIGHT. Mind you, this is whate Monte relayed
to me, but Robert has it on tape. If I'm incorrect in what I heard, I'm
sure he could post the event on video to clear up the record. Happily
enough, that was the last we heard from Robert.... on Friday at least.

Saturday rolls around and we're doing OK. Having heard from many good
friends that Robert had been waging a little one man war against us was
not too fun, but we were set of enjoying ourselves at the events. At
12:00 we went out with the other attendees to take the group shot. From
there we went to lunch and while eating Monte recieved a call from one
of his friends.

At some point (most likely while everyone else was outside). Two large
signs promoting Roberts website were glue sticked to Monte's car. The
signs were photographed and then removed. It didn't take a rocket
scientist to figure out where they came from. This in my mind is the
most important point to take from from this situtation.

At the 2006 Delorean Car Show - Robert Moseley (aka Videobob) saw fit to
deface another attendees car bacuase he had a beef with him.

I ask ALL of you - is that behaviour to be tolerated and can it even be
justified at this event.

According to Ken Konecelck it is... At least if you put decal on your
own PERSONAL vehicle criticizing another vendor/attendee.

I took a moment to talk with Ken after these signs were removed. At the
time I couldn't quite figure out just why I got the strange vibe from
Ken I did at that point. He even mentioned something about "physical
threats and vandalism of Robert's car". I truthfully had NO idea what he
was talking about. Only later in the day did someone come over and show
me the message Robert wrote below. A message which I assumed was passed
to Ken earlier in the day and he took it as fact. Of course, Ken didn't
seem to know about the videotaped threats or defacment of Monte's car.

I could sadly tell that Ken's mind was made up at this point and both
Monte and myself were the bad guys. We decided to just try and enjoy the
rest of the show at this point.

And there you pretty much have it... To summarize, because of 4 little
stickers of commentary Robert Moseley felt justified in making video
taped threats and defacing another attendees vehicle. Let's not forget
this message which made its way to the community right in the middle of
the show and frankly put a funk on the event for many involved.

I've been dealing with Robert and his antics for nearly 2 1/2 years now.
I'm rather suprised that the Delorean community still tolerates his
antics and behavior.

Sadly, I suppose as long as he brings in $100 plus at the dunking booth
due to that noteriety he will be tolerated for a long time to come.

"All I can do is take the high road and let Monte and Gary dig their own

After this weekend, its obvious that the road is not that high....

-Gary Weaver II

www.bttfparts.com <http://www.bttfparts.com>

--- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "Videobob Moseley" <videobob@...>
> I would like to register a complaint, and call someone out on the
> and that person is MONTE CHAMOS.
> Most of you don't know who this person is as he is not very active in
> DeLorean
> community and I believe that this is his first time coming to the
> Monte owns one of the time machine replicas, and a very good one I
> add.
> Monte is good friends with another BTTF prop builder from Oklahoma by
> name
> of GARY WEAVER who runs a prop website.
> Gary has had it in for me for ever since I created a competing
> The point of my website, http://www.bttfstuff.com was for a single
> where fans could get all of the props and instructions on how to build
> props. This upset Gary because by revealing all of his "secrets" it
made it
> not
> only hard for him to horde secret parts, but hard to sell his parts at
> extreme
> markup. Monte bought many of the parts on his car from Gary.
> Gary is also one of these controlling people who will refuse to sell
to you
> if you ever buy from another prop builder....needless to say Gary and
> are rather tight.
> I have never met Monte that I know of, I have never done business with
> in any way. The only reason I know of him is that I had posted a photo
> his
> car on my website under my archive of past builders.
> Enough background.....
> Fast forward to the show.
> Monte decided it would be a fun prank to apply a few well placed
> stickers
> that say "Videobob sucks XXXX" and the like.....when I confronted him
> this
> he threatened me with violence, and vandalism to my car.
> I immediately notified Ken about this, who so far really hasn't done
> about it.
> He said he would mention it to hotel security, but to be honest I am
> disappointed.
> I feel sure that if it had been ME who did this, I would have been
> from the building.
> Let's face it, despite your opinion of me, this is over the line,
> defamatory, slanderous and
> an assassination of my character.
> For those of you out there who do know me, who have done business with
> who know what is right and what is wrong I am calling on you to not
only let
> and GARY know how inappropriate this is, but to also tell KEN that you
> action should
> be taken. I think MONTE should be asked to leave the show...at the
> So never mind your opinion of me, this is not about me, this is about
> appropriate
> behavior at our car shows, and the appropriate actions that should be
> when
> things like this happen. An example should be set to let people like
> know that
> you can't use vulgar, defamatory signs and make threats and get away
> it.
> Let them know it.
> All I can do is take the high road and let Monte and Gary dig their
> graves.
> What comes around goes around.
> - Videobob

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