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[DMCForum] Re: Sirius radio..

I'll agree that I'm not all that happy about a subscription-based
radio service. However, it's a tit-for-tat trade, when you drop the
commercials and advertisements. I absolutely cannon STAND annoying
commercials for car dealerships, and faux "word of mouth" ads. I'm not
fond of DJs trying to be humorous either, but I can tune them out a
whole lot easier...

But to say "Who cares if it works, as long as they buy it..." may, or
may not be a fair assumption. It'd be fair if the company is looking
to increase sales of hardware, and expects subscriptions based upon
term length specific subscriptions, based upon customer experience.
Otherwise, it could just be the installation in your vehicle, or even
equipment manufaturer too (any gamers here remember the 3DO?). I have
a Sirius unit that I've not yet installed. It's one of the portable
units that you dock into a cradle. I've never heard reception thru one
of these units, so I've no idea as to how it will turn out. I have
however been in cars with Sirius intergrated headunits. And those
sounded great. But thanks to your advice, I'll certainly be keeping an
eye out now...

As for POTS phone service, it gets worse because the phone lines are
naturally decaying. Wires corrode, insulation spits, etc. So you get
RF interferance which creates static on the line. But rather than
replace entire segments of cable, they'll just install "Load Coils"
onto the lines to filer out the intrusive frequencies. Add on loaded
pairs to avoid having to run extra dedicated lines, and all other
sorts of hack jobs techs do out in the field at the behest of cost
savings, and it's easy to see why phone service is becoming worse and
worse... Unfortunetly, it's something that you're just going to have
to live with, because of the age of the outdated technology.


--- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Marc Levy <malevy_nj@xxxx> wrote:
> ON my way in to work today, Stern was talking about
> how his parents were complaining about the
> installation of the radios, and how they needed a
> radio in every room and such..  Problems like how to
> run the antenna to the radio on the bathroom.
> Even with the "Sirius VIP installation services", they
> were still complaining.
> This technology has a long way to go.  But, when it is
> a subscription based service, they primary goal is to
> sell the service.  Once you pay for it, who cares if
> you can hear it or not?
> It is becoming more obvious that I had more places I
> listen to radio that I realized.  I have regular
> radios in pretty much every room of the house,
> including the bathroom and garage.  Then a radio in
> each of my cars.  I use 10-12 radios through my normal
> activities.  It is not cost effective to buy 12 Sirius
> receivers, especially when many of those locations
> would require a roof-mounted antenna on the house.
> With most recent technology advances, the consumer
> (for some reason) is willing to accept low quality
> products.  Telephones are another peeve of mine.  The
> sound quality of telephones as become shit as compared
> to 20 yrs ago.  Pile that on top of the already crappy
> cell phones, and VoIP digital delays and such, the
> telephone has become a poor means of communication.


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