RE: [DMCForum] OT New Laptop help!!
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RE: [DMCForum] OT New Laptop help!!

Good advice.  (note I use Pentium-M rather than 'Centrino', which the name
intel 'grants' a system containing a Pentium-M 715 and up processor and a
intel chipset + intel 802.11 transceiver)

Some numbers to give perspecive. (resonable estimates based on past
In terms of consumption; the Pentium-M processor will peak at about 27W,
the USB port normally has 150mA capability(I believe), LCD backlight
consumes 5-6W, chassis fan will take 2-4W, the dvd drive takes 15-18W
during linear read ops, and ~25W during encoding ops.  802.11 transceiver
will take about 5-10W.  Then theres all the small change items.

The real novel contribution that the Pentium-M makes (in my opinion) is
the economical coupling of the PIII core in a 90nm lithography process.
Obviously the architecture doesn't nearly take full advantage of the
density of the semiconductor, which makes it scalable in the future, but
also very thermally efficient.

My advice would be to wait for the Merom core in '06 (currently vendors
are selling Dothan cores) if at all possible.  It is going to be a large
leap forward in low-power performance and will be dual core.


90nm lithography
> Thanks I am leaning towards the Centrino.
> I am looking at the Alienware units and am pricing 2 different ones, one
> with the Athlon 64 x2 chips and the other with the Centrino.  What sucks
> is
> there are some features on the Athlon I like, but when I build it up, the
> Athlon is like a grand more -- too much for me.
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> Hey Jack
> Centrino is best of the listed for power efficiency when relating to
> battery
> life. Battery life depends also of course on accessory use- non-powered
> devices, 802.11 wireless, DVD drive usage, etc.. will help suck the life
> out
> of a battery at a pretty fast rate.
> I would not recommend the Athlon- fast, but unstable and hot. Centrino is
> great mobile performance, but it too is not as powerful as a
> hyperthreading
> P4. If battery life is a higher priority for you than absolute top notch
> performance, go with the Centrino. In my opinion, anymore they're all fast
> as hell- it's only a matter of the perks of each processor and how much
> the laptop has.
> Typically a DVD-RW drive in a laptop is a 2 stager- it sucks the data off
> the DVD being copied, then you replace the DVD with a blank DVD and the
> laptop dumps the data to it.
> Just my opinion- Good luck!
> Eric Itzel
> vin 4433
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