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Your last line says it all--------Amen!!

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> > There was a post about it being just a girlfriend.
> I don't mean to
> > be ugly but are you saying that a car is more
> important than a girl?
> > There are what 8K DeLoreans out there? This girl
> is one of a kind.
> > Both of us plan on going to Chicago, so if we do
> go then you guys
> > will get to meet her.
> >
> > Josh
> Depending upon the situation (almost everyone),
> absolutely would I put
> a car ahead of a woman. That's based off of the
> experience of many
> others that I have encounted over the past 6 years
> of ownership.
> When taking my car out in public, like to autoparts
> stores and the
> such, the amount of older people who come over to
> see my car, and
> remeince is amazing. Not about DeLoreans, but about
> their cars. Lots
> of old timers, and middle aged guys have not only
> been amazed at my
> car, but at the age at which I got her; 21. I always
> get some
> teary-eyed story about what kind of car they used to
> own, and why they
> sold it for whatever reason. And they're always
> sorry that they did.
> Case in point, my dead uncle. A few months before I
> got to see my car,
> I went to visit my dying uncle, who passed a few
> weeks later, down in
> California. We spoke for a while privately, while
> everyone else had
> left the house. And he shared a very interesting
> story with me.
> Both of my uncles were HUGE Mustang fans. This
> uncle, Esco, owned a
> '66 Fastback with a 429, painted in Ford blue. My
> other uncle, Randal
> owned a '69 Boss 302, painted in Grabber Orange.
> Randal had left the
> car behind in Ohio, and asked my Grandparents to
> just sell it off for
> him, because he'd met some girl (ironicly, the
> sister of the woman
> that my other uncle married, and everyone was pretty
> damn unhappy),
> and he missed the car, of course for quite some time
> after that.
> Now Esco was a different story. Esco had his '66
> Fastback that he
> LOVED! He washed and waxed it every weekend, drove
> it everywhere, and
> showed off in it every chance he got. His girlfriend
> at the time, was
> eventually to be his wife later on. And they got
> into a large fight
> one night, over, of all things, his car. She crooked
> him into selling
> the car, by telling him that he loved his car MORE
> than he loved her.
> Not that he didn't care for her, but she just didn't
> like the car, and
> all the attention that it got. So, in a half-witted
> effort to *prove*
> his love to her, and the fact that he didn't cherish
> a car over a
> woman, he sold it.
> Fast forward about 30 years or so, and my uncle is
> on his deathbed
> telling me all this. Over the years, my uncle had
> owned quite a few
> cars. One that he REALLY wanted, but his wife
> wouldn't allow him to
> buy because she didn't like it was ironicly enough a
> DeLorean. So when
> my uncle discovered that I was saving up to buy one,
> his eyes really
> lit up. So my uncle encouraged me to buy it, and
> never let go of it no
> matter what.
> And the reason was simple. My uncle was proud of his
> kids, and his
> life for the most part, but only had one true
> regret: Selling that
> car. If he hadn't have sold the car, he'd still have
> it. And even if
> he didn't, he would at least have parted with it on
> his terms. And
> that, believe it or not, really gives a sense of
> closure and peace to
> someone. He'll, I still regret selling off my first
> car...
> Now, personally I've gotta say that owning a
> DeLorean has been a great
> experience, and has certainly helped me get to where
> I am today. It
> got me remembered durring an important job
> interview, introduced me to
> many good friends, and helped me demonstrate to
> employers that I'm
> willing and commited to take on long term projects,
> believe it or not.
> Now from what it sounds like, your current
> girlfriend isn't really
> pushing you to sell the DeLorean. However, if you
> choose to part ways
> with it, that is infact your choice. And as such,
> don't push the
> decision that you made off onto someone else. Maybe
> my uncle was
> wrong, and things may not have turned out
> differently that they did
> (him being married to an idiot who kept them in debt
> for many years
> due to her constant spending habits). But one thing
> is for certain.
> Regardless, I would NEVER have put myself into a
> position where I
> spend DECADES angry at someone else.
> If YOU choose to sell the car, that's fine. But just
> make certain that
> the decision is soley YOURS.
> -Robert

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