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This one needs attention:

On 1/8/06, Josh Porter <joshp1986@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> There was a post about it being just a girlfriend. I don't mean to
> be ugly but are you saying that a car is more important than a girl?

Not at all. I'm saying your personal happiness is more important than a girl.

Now, that sounds selfish so hear me out before you dismiss it: Many
young men sacrifice everything for a girl. They completely give up who
they are and focus intently on winning and keeping her. This is not a
healthy thing. It may feel right at this moment, but in the long run
it does damage to both of you. If the girl is the reason for the sale
of the car, she will come to believe she is above all things in your
life. While that may be true now, when you're 30 with a couple of kids
and you'd like to get into some hobby, she may put her foot down
because she's used to being your princess and doesn't want anything to
interfere. Then you've both got resentment and anger and a variety of
other unhealthy emotions and it's just a bad situation for all.

Trust me, I've seen this happen to a good many people. They're now
married to bitchy, controlling women THAT THEY HELPED CREATE by
putting her on a pedestal and making her the center of their universe.
When the initial spark goes away in a few years they wanted to be
themselves again but it was too late.

Be who you are. If you're some laid back dude with a DeLorean, be him.
Don't put him on a shelf for someone else.

Josh, if you're selling the car because you need money for college,
I'd call that a responsible financial decision. If you're selling it
because you need money "for a girl", do yourself a factor and don't.
If the girl loves you for who you are, you should be able to take her
on a date to a park, eat $2 worth of sack lunches and keep your
DeLorean. A girlfriend shouldn't be an expensive venture.

> This girl is one of a kind.

Yeah, they all are.



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