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[DMCForum] Re: Cop stories

--- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "Dick Ryan" <deloreanbiker@xxxx>
<<Forgive me, but isn't that about the dumbest thing written here in
a long time; ie., getting cited for a violation of community
supported rules is okay, but having those rules enforced is not?????

I would agree completely Dick, but in my opinion a few comments were
some of the dumbest I have seen in a long time :-)  Of course
everyone has a right to their opinion.

<< Now you can argue that the rules are not "community supported",
but if the community didn't support them, they would be overthrown. 
Yes, I know this is an overly simplified generalization, but,
please, whether you like them or not, traffic rules/ordinances are
put in place by and for the good of the general population. >>

Again I agree and the main point is that they are put in place by
politicians or those in office whether local or state or whatever. 
Not by those who are expected to go out and enforce them and hear
the "flack".

<<When one thinks that he or she is too good to be subjected to
those rules, he or she, if caught,will be cited.  And, frankly, if
he or she feels there is no need to pay the resulting fine, they
can't, IMHO, be jailed quickly enough!!>>

Everyone is repsonsible themselves for whether or not they obey a
certain law or whether or not they choose to pay a fine as a result
of breaking that law.  If certain reprucussions come from the result
of breaking a law, and more severe ones come from not paying the
fine, then don't blame anyone but yourself.  I agree some fines or
reprucussions are high, but then again who sets the fines or
consequences from not paying them?  Not those enforcing the laws out
on the highways.

<<The "problem is that failure to pay a speeding ticket can result in
arrest and jail time" is NOT the problem.  The "power that's used
to back it up" is power that WE have given to those who represent
us. Though the power may occasionally be misused, it is an absolutely
necessary aspect to societal safety in a culture such as ours.>>

The problem is that of course no one wants a ticket.  But the
subject usually comes up after somoene gets one and feels the need
to vent, which in turn causes an influx of personal opinons or
one-sided stories, not an objective debate which would be fine.  Of
course maybe the debate should be about those who make the laws, or
set the fines, since that seems to be the biggest complaint.  If you
think speding tickets are bad, I could name some other really dumb
laws or ordinances I have seen politicians come up with that they
don't have to hear the "flack" from either :-)

> --- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Ryan Wright <ryanpwright@xxxx>
>  The problem is that failure to pay a
> > speeding ticket can result in arrest and jail time. This is why
> > get so upset about them - the ticket itself is not the problem,
> > the power that's used to back it up.


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