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[DMCForum] Re: Cop stories

--- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Marc Levy <malevy_nj@xxxx> wrote:
> Is this really true?  I thought quotas were illegal.

Yes Marc they dont use quotas and no one said they did.  Sitting on a
highway to be visible to keep speed down and keep the highway safe is
not enfrocing a quota.  Why do you think there are unmanned cars at
different places.  Kind of hard to write tickets from an unamanned
car.  Obviously the point is to slow speed not hand out a certain
amount of tickets.

> What makes a cop decide to sit hiding by the side of a
> highway waiting for speeders, as opposed to driving
> the local streets and give out some littering tickets,
> or broken brake light tickets. 

Some officers are assisgned to areas such as Turnpikes, Interstates,
and Parkways that are not residential, where obvously the main
problem is speeding thats why they sit there.  Doesnt seem to hard to

> I agree with the "revenue" argument for tickets, but
> just as much revenue can be generated for all of the
> cigarettes being tossed out the windows of cars.

Yes Marc and the ones who get littering tickets say just as you
do "Why isnt the officer out enforcing something else" like
speeding.  Kind or a rhetorical argument.

> My assumption was, the officer chose to do the speed
> trap because it was less work for him/her to write
> their "quota" of tickets.

Well no surprise you are wrong but then again you dont work in that
profession so I am not surprised that you are mistaken.  Running
radar and keeping traffic safe leads to saving lives.  Speed related
deaths are one of the highest on the roadways.  Maybe make less
assumptions about another profession?  I wouldnt presume to know what
you do all day, and I don't need to I am sure you do what your job
description calls for like the rest of us.  In any event maybe I
should install one of those turbos so I can keep up with you on the
next caravan :-)

In any event I am sure you will want to continue this off topic
thread.  I know of at least two toher law enforcement peopl on the
list and a third from England in fact.  Maybe they will indulge you. 
I prefer to spend time reading Delroean realted topics.  Enjoy :-)

> --- Ryan Wright <ryanpwright@xxxx> wrote:
> > I understand; in fact, I stated as much earlier in
> > this thread when I
> > said, "You do realize it's not the cop's call,
> > right? <snip> The guy
> > is sitting on the side of the highway because his
> > boss told him to." I
> > am neither blaming you nor your fellow officers for
> > speed limits. The
> > system is the problem, not the guys who are told to
> > enforce it.
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