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[DMCForum] Re: Cop stories

Marc you can discuss the topic all you want.  I far better things to
do than engage in it or point all the inaccuracies you state
regarding law enforcement.  You can maintain the biggest "soapbox" as
you enjoy. 

--- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Marc Levy <malevy_nj@xxxx> wrote:
> A new topic to discuss!  YAY!  :)
> --- dmcgman <DmcGman@xxxx> wrote:
> > Oh geez I am sure thats the reason they dont have
> > them LOL.  Most
> > police cars have video recordings and they are
> > locked in the trunk
> > and everything is recorded no matter who it is and
> > the officer can
> > not edit it or erase it.  No different than having
> > someone riding
> > with you monitoring everything.  Funny how
> The difference is, someone would need to make a
> complaint against the officer for those tapes to even
> be pulled.  Who is going to make a complaint against
> an officer?  it is like suicide especially if is in a
> town you spend lots of time in. 
> Here is an example,  the intersection of Rt 35 and
> Industrial way in Eatontown NJ is always congested.
> It can take up to 20 min to get across during the 5PM
> hour.  One day, I am waiting at the light facing West
> and I see a cop car pull off in to the right shoulder
> on the south bound lane of Rt 35.  He just sat there
> as Rt 35 traffic whizzed by.  Then, when the Rt 35
> light went red (and mine went green) he decided to put
> his lights on and make an illegal left turn going East
> (while everyone else waited 20 min in the U-Turn).  He
> came within a few inches of hitting me, and turned his
> lights off as he passed through the intersection.
> Sure, one could say "you don't know where he was
> going, maybe on the way to a call?".  If that is true,
> why did he wait the extra minute or so for the light
> to turn?  Why did he switch his light off after making
> his illegal turn?
> And yes, maybe this is "one bad cop" but I can tell
> dozens of stories like this where it would seem the
> officer has abused his power.  Even if half of them
> are correct interpretations, it is still too much.
> I am sure I would be real popular in Eatontown is I
> called up the chief to complain about this incident.
> > lawyers,
> > doctors,
> > teachers, priests, and other professions are never
> > debated to this
> I think law enforcement people should be held to a
> higher standard.  The problem is, their exposure to
> the system and knowledge of the law (and those that
> enforce the law) permit them to be above the law. 
> Sure, a Lawyer can tell me not to speed but when HE
> speeds, he is just as likely to get a ticket as I am.
> An officer is not.
> Doctor can tell you to not smoke, and loose weight..
> but if you refuse, he wont issue you an expensive
> ticket.
> We can go on with similar examples of other
> professions.
> "Got Root?", I do..  My profession allows me access to
> all sorts of data that is none of my business.  Part
> of my job is to enforce computer security.  Although I
> could get away with it, it would be unethical for me
> to be reading other peoples e-mails, and other
> personal data.  I am held to a higher standard of NOT
> "snooping around" because of the trust that my
> employers have for me.
> > extent.  Proabbkly a lot safer to read Yahoo Groups
> > all day :-) And
> > again the thousands of daily good deeds done by the
> > men and women in
> > laew enforcment every day, or those who lost their
> > lives doing them,
> > are never brought up.  Of course everyone has an
> I disagree with this.  Plenty of credit is given to
> officers.  Even watching the "COPS" shows (and the
> like), they always do it from the officers point of
> view.  The "real police video" programs are also
> always about how a cop saved the day, or put
> themselves at risk.  Where is the video of the bad
> cops?
> We all chose our careers.  Last night I was up until 3
> AM repairing a server.  Had I been unsuccessful, a
> small business here in NJ would probably be closing
> their doors today.  But, no TV show was there to
> recognize.  No medals from public officials.  Yea, I
> know, my life was not at risk (other than driving home
> at 3 AM in the rain half asleep) but this is the
> career I chose.  My nephew wants to be a cop, and I
> always wonder why?  But, it is his choice and he knows
> the risks.
> > opinion how to do
> > someone elses job differently, but then again maybe
> > they should walk
> > in the shoes of that person before making judgments.
> This is very true.  However, are we making judgments??
>  I don't think so, we were just discussion our "cop
> stories".  Personal experiences with officers.  I
> don't recall anyone passing judgment.
> >  Last time I
> > was at the National Police Officers Memorial in
> > Washington I saw two
> > people that I knew who are now memorialized there as
> > a result of
> > loosing their lives here in NJ while serving the
> > community.  Seems
> > like a more important issue than a traffic ticket.
> I am sorry to hear that Gary.  Being an officer is a
> risky job.  More risk than I would want to take to
> "earn a living".  Losing a life IS more important than
> a traffic ticket.  By us discussing it, I don't see
> how it makes light of the risk some officers take on a
> daily basis.
> > But of course
> > not one most would bring up.  Better to bring up the
> > one time out of
> > ten they didnt get a break.  But then there are
> > always two sides to
> > any story of course :-)
> Yup.  always two sides.  And both sides are jaded,
> cynical because of their own experiences.
> It is more exciting to talk about the NYC cop that hit
> me with her car, then took off (did not even stop!)
> than the one who picked me up and gave me a ride to a
> gas station when I ran out of gas.
> See Gary, the Forum is not so bad.  It is fun to
> discuss these off-topic things.
> :)
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