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>>Just want to have a quick moan too - what got me more annoyed about US
>>highways than anything were the apparent random speed limits. You'd be
>>chipping along at 75 and suddenly for no discernable reason, its 55.
>>Then 65. Then 75. And if you miss the sign, you're screwed! Over here,
>Exactly! This is intended to collect revenue. They sit in a hiding
>place right on the other side of the sign and wait for your ass.
>Often, they'll hide just before an increased speed limit - say it goes
>from 55 to 70, they sit a couple hundred feet before the 70 because
>people always speed up early.
>Speed limits are also intentionally lowered in many places well below
>what they should be. If you're on a road that feels like you should be
>doing 55, because you're out in the middle of fracking nowhere, they
>might have the limit set at 35 or 40 so they can sit on the side and
>bust you.
>Speed limits in the United States are neither set nor enforced for
>safety, they're set and enforced for revenue. That's all it is.
>- Ryan
Don't think you're alone there - at least you don't have speed
cameras!!! Although recently there has been an outcry because of
councils deliberately setting up cameras just to make money from fines
and they're not allowed to do that any more. They still get set up
everywhere. My favourite (NOT) is on the A43 from Silverstone (British
F1 race track). A brand new piece of fast dual carriageway with a 50
limit and cameras. I remember steaming through there in my D when it
wasn't registered and still on the US plate hehehehehe



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