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I would gladly have traded last semester for a little anatomy &

Remember: Being a tad bit older than you,  I'm going to school while
the brain cells are dying.  By the time I'm finished hopefully the
university will laminate my diploma so I won't get drool all over it.

In my own curriculum the professors have all decided I'm supposed to
be Herman Melville.  Last semester they absolutely killed me.  Did the
math last night:  28,570 words of original composition!  That's 60
double spaced pages,  57 single spaced pages,  plus 20 some odd pages
of graphs,  charts,  tables,  etc.  Didn't have time for reading
(other than those God awful journal articles that are only read by
struggling grad students) because I was too busy WRITING.  Cadavers
are starting to look awfully enticing in comparison.

What really galls me is this is totally unnecessary.  I had a
perfectly nice career going for 17 years.  Then the new corporate
office decided to fix something that wasn't broken.  Now,  not only am
I turning my brain to mush for a different career that probably isn't
worth going into anyway,  but the unemployed relative (can you spell
"nepotism") who got my old job discovered he couldn't do it,  left the
company,  and now NOBODY is doing my old job.  While the undone work
piles up,  the corporate office is congratulating themselves for
saving salary money.  General Motors ain't got shit on Gulf & Ohio

Back to DeLoreans:  sorry to hear about Louie's sale.  #5252 was owned
free & clear,  so he must have decided its cash value was simply more
useful at this time.  Louie's also pretty interchangeable Re: little
silver cars -- he doesn't seem to get as attached to any particular
specimen as many of us.  If/when he buys another,  he'll pick up right
where he left off.

Any news Re: Jeff Friday?  Did he sell his DeLo?  Did he move to
Florida?  I've truly been out of the loop for a couple of months.

Bill Robertson

>--- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "iznodmad" <DeLorean5000@xxxx> wrote:
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> wrote:
> >
> > I am finished with Grad School Kick My Butt mode for a month and thus
> > am back online.  The next person who tells me that their master's
> > degree was easier than their 4 year degree gets a punch in the nose.
> >
> > It's going to take many days to plow through the archives.  If
> > anything important is going on the the world of little silver cars,
> > let me know to save time (did Louie Golden sell #5252?).
> >
> >
> Hey Bill,
>     You get no sympathy from me!  As you well know, I am in medical
> school and still "make time" to read (aka selective read) posts from 3
> groups.  BTW, #5252 has a new owner in Pinehurst, NC.  He seems to
> want to add turbos to the car. 
> Darren

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